Lycos 3.0 at 5Bft

Had lots of fun recently, flying the Lycos 3.0 at 5Bft (8-11 m/sec), when getting dragged around and even (slightly) lifted. 1) Judge the wind yourself at 0:10 mins.

Panch ace 3.5 5bft

Sorry for turning the camera next time better. Eerste keer met goede wind op langevelderslag.

2 5Bft

Proto 2 Speedkiteprototyp bei artgerechten 2-5 Bft.

F3, 3-5Bft

Testflug F3 bei 3-5 Bft, sehr böig an 35m Liros DC 60. Leitkante 1m, Bestabung 5/6mm DPP. Tuch Bainbridge.