2 5Bft

Proto 2 Speedkiteprototyp bei artgerechten 2-5 Bft.

Lycos 3.0 at 5Bft

Had lots of fun recently, flying the Lycos 3.0 at 5Bft (8-11 m/sec), when getting dragged around and even (slightly) lifted. 1) Judge the wind yourself at 0:10 mins.

MOP Q Wende 5bft

MOP Q-Wende bei 5bft (Welle und Strömung auf Schwierigkeitsgrad hoch). Gebiet Bahia de Palma.

Panch ace 3.5 5bft

Sorry for turning the camera next time better. Eerste keer met goede wind op langevelderslag.

Falcon F16 5bft

With 3 on a Falcon F16, 5 bft, max speed 18.11 knots. Flying in front of Knokke.