Progressive Rock (musical Genre)


Top 10 Progressive Rock Bands

This genre has captivated fans with its spirit of adventure and ambition for decades, spawning countless concept albums and synthesizer solos.

Things Prog Snob Elitists Say

I little self-deprecating humor for you, in the style of Jared Dines. Only TRUE prog snobs, elitists, and fans will get this ;) SUPPORT ME ON PATREON!

Discovers The Music #4 - Progressive Rock

Want to find out what the Rock Progressive ? You want another genre ? Said in the comments ------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: 1.

Is Prog the Whitest Genre?

I've been getting a lot of requests in the past few days to do a stinkpiece on this Atlantic article that dismisses prog rock as the "whitest music ever." But apart from ...

Top 10 Weirdest Music Genres

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South American progressive rock

Blops or locomotive is the third and latest album of the Chilean band Los Blops , recorded in 1973 , released in 1974. Unlike his last two albums , the style of this ...