Tig Notaro



I know her humour is probably not everyone's style but I find Tig's dry character hilarious. If you do enjoy her, hope you enjoyed :)

Tig Notaro Stand-Up 03/31/14

Tig's got a great secret tip on how to freak out your friends with just one simple text. More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official ...

The Hilarious Tig Notaro

The incredibly funny star of "One Mississippi" gave Ellen the birthday gift of laughter with a hilarious standup comedy performance!

Tig Notaro Failed the 8th Grade Twice

After James asks Bo Burnham about his film "Eighth Grade," James learns Tig Notaro had some serious struggles passing the eighth grade, John Cho worked ...

Ellen Sent 'Adele' To Tig Notaro's House

Ellen's friend Tig Notaro wasn't feeling well, so to raise her spirits, Ellen did what any good friend would do... she sent a mariachi band and "Adele" to her home.

Inside Amy Schumer - Cancer Excuse

Upon learning that show writer Tig Notaro has cancer, Amy takes advantage of this sad news to avoid several obligations. The Comedy Central app has full ...