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  • brian nrndss

    and I thought this was just my X................"and causes fever, headache, back pain, chills and nausea.

  • Red Hawk

    From my point of view, the only purpose to buy a rat, would be food for your pet Boa.

  • cutter

    Pets alway have priority over humans??

  • Ilovemyrats

    I have pet rats and sadly being tested because of this outbreak. They make fantastic pets. Smart, clean, litterbox trained, playful, loving and very social with their owners. I hate that this is happening :(

  • pangea_47

    Some friends had a pair of pet rats. I was surprised at how intelligent and affectionate they were.

  • Dicazi

    I had no idea that many people had pet rats. Though I do know people breed and sell skunks as pets. I suppose it's nor much different.