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  • P'Thizikil

    Just imagine - this must have seemed like a good idea to him at some point. His head may need an MRI, too.

  • poultrygeist

    Bet he graduated with top honors from Trump U.

  • Systems Analyst

    He used to be the "director of social development" at Job Corps, not a "social worker", like he says in the video at 0:49 in the video.

  • Pingy

    There are so many other surgeries this idiot could have made up instead of saying he had cancer. Why not enlarged prostate surgery, something easily believed with no alarm bells. He just made his sentencing much worse, I'm betting.

  • JoyR

    Maybe someone should have vetted him before the gofundme page was set up and all the cash was handed over to him?!? They will unfortunately never see a dime of their money again and the kids will learn a hard lesson on trust. Shame on the adults for allowing this to happen.

  • Sejal

    He's just plain ghetto

  • Ishbaal Alan

    Mabone Head..Rot in Prison..for being so stupid

  • Randall Kaufman

    When did Keith David become a teacher's aid?