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  • Stopthemadness

    Another fake news bulletin...
    Care to explain how pot was the only reason for these fatalities?
    Oh yea they can't. How can these people put out bs news articles and not be held accountable..spreading bs..lame

  • john hurley

    Tanner wastes your time with her alcoholism, paranoid schizophrenia, and bogus misinformation.

  • Asokap

    It would be worthwhile to see a list of the studies that ABC consulted for this article. However, there appear to be NO references to any real, long-term studies. The article is mostly anecdotal.

  • Darlene Thibert

    hope yall come to canada and join the party 4 /20 will be trippled this year if justin keeps dragging his feet

  • Leysin

    Interesting, April 20th is also national cheddar fries day, national look alike day, lima bean respect day, and national pineapple upside-down cake day, but none of these celebrations are attributed to the bump in car accidents. I blame the lima beans, they're disgusting.

  • Hugh Cumber

    The one societal effect we can definitely attribute to marijuana, it clearly causes overpaid researchers- at the behest of a prohibitionist ideological agenda- to scramble about willy-nilly in desperation, grasping at whatever ridiculous straws they can find to "prove" that marijuana legalization is bad, kids! (and under no circumstances should it be allowed to disrupt the highly profitable pharma/liquor/private prison industry status quo.)

    This "study" is ridiculous. Leaving aside everything else; most significantly the attempt to draw conclusions about the safety of marijuana legalization based upon 25 years of data around a fairly arbitrary "holiday" which- High Times or no- was pretty fringey and unknown even in stoner circles until maybe the last half decade at best.. (And if cannabis was half as addictive as Jeff Sessions thinks it is, why would potheads limit themselves to one day a year?) ...if one examines the state-by-state data in the JAMA study, states with legal marijuana actually have a slightly reduced risk of accidents on that date, versus other dates (so, in the context of being anti-legalization, how does that work?) and some of the WORST states for this "effect" are places like Arkansas, W. Virginia and... North Dakota?

    People should ask themselves, is this- "throw anything at the wall and see if it sticks" - is the best the anti-legalization people can do, why are we still wasting billions of taxpayer dollarts fighting a war on weed? And If we're gonna make up spurious sociological explanations for what is, essentially, random data noise, I think given the W. Virginia and North Dakota angle it's just as plausible that the numbers were driven by drunken alt-right types celebrating the birthday of the 20th century's most notorious Bavarian monorchid.

  • Lance

    Almost everyone is citing how much worse alcohol is, yes it's bad --- but that's a separate issue. I think each problem needs to be addressed on it's own.
    A 12% increase in deaths is significant. I can't believe that stoned drivers cause zero auto fatalities.

  • Aldo 2517

    what are the 25 year data on St Patty's day?

  • Zachary Boyle

    Ok, cool. Now can we see the correlation between Drinking Holidays, such as St Patrick's Day & Cinco De Mayo, and Fatal Car Crashes, Domestic Abuse, and Violent Crimes?

  • John Ramos

    Well there's a sharp rise in alcohol related auto fatalities every day of the week after about 11pm..

  • The Outlier

    "Study lacks evidence...." won't stop ABC from printing it. This is 100% Grade-A pure PROPAGANDA from BigPharma to you. This 'study' does not meet the smell test as they did NOTHING to link marijuana intoxication to any of the data. HOW MANY MORE ACCIDENTS HAPPEN ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY? The 4th of July? Memorial Day?

  • Wyndham Williams

    So although there is zero evidence in this higly unscientific 'study' linking it to weed and correlation does not equal causation, nor does the study provide any yearly data abc NEWS decided to write an anti-cannabis hit piece based on nothing more then conjecture from non scientists published in a non peer reviewed pay to publish magazine. Sad

  • Mark Richardson

    What kind of a study makes hard claims without solid correlation?

    [Quote] >>>The study lacks evidence on whether pot was involved in any of the April 20 crashes, but marijuana can impair driving ability. Previous studies have shown that many pot-using motorists drive after partaking and think it's safe to do so.

    >>>Other studies have found a similarly elevated risk linked with alcohol and driving on Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Eve (as well as on other holiday weekends such as Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Independence Day weekend, and over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend too).

    >>>Most accidents had no police data on drug testing so there's no way to confirm that marijuana was involved, but researchers think the drug was responsible for some crashes. (Thinking is subjective, where is their hard evidence proving correlation to marijuana intoxication)?

    Deaths increased slightly in most but not all states, amounting to an overall increased risk of 12 percent — or an extra 142 driver deaths linked with the holiday, said lead author Dr. John Staples at the University of British Columbia. [End quote]

    >>>(I will point out that total US auto accident deaths in 2016 were 37,461, or 102.6 per-day, and 12% of 102.6 = 12.3 NOT 142. 142 divided by 12.3 = 11.56 years to total 142 extra deaths on April 20th if their 12% extra claim is correct. Now 25 years of data divided by 142 extra deaths is only 5.68 extra deaths yearly, a 5.5% increase attributable in traffic deaths on the 420 holiday on an annual basis).

    My question is why report such a conclusion on national media when there is zero correlation to accidents proven to be caused by marijuana intoxication? The increase could be solely caused by the extra miles driving to and from such events, heavily by lower-experience drivers, (as young people as a group are the most-likely participants, just like rock or country music concerts), and have no correlation to marijuana or alcohol intoxication.

    Also, as Fridays are worse for drunk driving crashes as well as for fatigue-related crashes than the other weekdays, why not turn every weekend into a 3-day holiday weekend in-order to cut down on the higher incidence of Friday crashes too?

    Think how that extra time off would translate into extra weekend spending, add to the value of weekend resort real estate, as well as cut down on deaths every weekend in the Friday night and Sunday night weekend rush to and from Las Vegas, the Dells, the Poconos, and Vermont, among other heavily-frequented weekend destinations.

  • Shiek Yerbooti

    "The study lacks evidence on whether pot was involved in any of the April 20 crashes, but marijuana can impair driving ability."

    When you counter your own premise in the second paragraph, why keep writing? Money?

  • Ed Beneker II

    Also, I have personally read more than one "fake news" article from ABC. I wouldn't follow what they are selling anymore honestly. I just saw this on Bing.

  • Anthony Romano

    Correlation is not causation.

  • Ed Beneker II

    It isn't even April yet. If you read it, it says that there is no evidence that it was in fact linked to marijuana. More ABC crap.

  • Holmes

    Smoke and Mirrors....

  • Franklin

    64% of educated Americans stopped listening to this level of nonsense years ago. 90% of Americans support medical marijuana, and you're running a story that is obviously fiction.

    According to the National Institute of Health they have not approved any study on this subject. By law, you cannot research marijuana without approval from the NIH, DEA, and NIDA. There is no record of any study on this subject.. A fake study of a fake holiday? This is terrible writing. Meanwhile Bigfoot has been dating the Loch Ness Monster for a year and you don't even have photos. What do the Kardashians think about this? Admit it, that's is what is really the topic in a circle of people who even use this kind of language. Reminds me of Jane magazine.

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    I think ALL "holidays" can be linked to a slight rise in traffic accidents. More traffic, more accidents. Relax, everyone - it's not the Demon Weed come to kill us all!

  • Aaron Schmitz

    Because they were drinking too? Cmon, car crashes are more likely after ANY festival, even a craft festiva or state fair, or football game.

  • xThatxSamexDudex

    In other words. Regardless of the means, driving impaired is a bad/dangerous idea.
    Why is this news?

  • Nephilim

    Now this is fake news.

  • Al Pine

    I will start by saying the NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, says someone who has used Marijuana before driving is no more likely to be in an accident than someone who has no impairment at all. It might be surprising to know the AAA, American Automobile Association, agrees with that statement also. They're not known to take chances with their member's safety. Nothing in the report is based in fact. It's all unsupported prohibitionist propaganda.