Mar 13, 2018, 2:54 PM ET

2018 Pennsylvania special House election live results


Voters in the state of Pennsylvania are heading to the polls on Tuesday in a special election seen as a crucial test of the Republican Party’s political strength ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

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The Democrat, 33-year old Marine Corps veteran and former assistant U.S. attorney Conor Lamb is taking on 60-year old, four-term state representative Rick Saccone to represent the southwestern Pennsylvania district where President Donald Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 points in the 2016 presidential election.

Pennsylvania election results will be refreshed automatically every 30 seconds after polls close at 8 p.m. ET. There is no need to refresh the page to see the latest data.

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News - 2018 Pennsylvania special House election live results

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  • paul_I

    The old adage has never more applicable before now describing the relationship between Donald Trump and his strongest supporters: "You can fool some of the people all of the time". The remainder of the adage also is relevant: "You can fool all of the people some of the time" (2016 election), and "You can't fool all of the people all of the time" (next election).

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Keep showing up to campaign for the GOP candidates leading in to November please, Donald! It appears to be getting a good result (i.e. a Dem win).

  • KansanJayHawks

    Looks like a Democratic win to me. It was said last night that there are 110 other races this fall where a Democrat is more competitive than this race. Democrats are hoping Trump continues to campaign for GOP votes as his record for losing elections continues to grow. All Republicans running for office will need to ask if they really want to be associated with Trump, given what the future may hold.


    The news is Hillary couldn't win this area and now a Dem has won this area. Not that Trump did win. That was news for his election. She is not now nor ever will be trusted or likeable. Any other Dem candidate would likely have won for them. Too bad her husband Bill did not run. But I'm sure that is her payoff for staying with him and keeping her mouth shut about his infidelities all those years.

  • FlorMedDoc

    Lamb makes the 40th Republican seat that was flipped since Trump was elected.

    The Blue Tsunami is unstoppable....

  • Frank Goudy

    Saccone will probably win, despite what the MSM says. But it will obviously be oh so close.

    A Trump district but Lamb outspent Saccone 5-1.

    And the whole district will be changed for the general election due to a Penn State Supreme Court which ruled that the present districts are unconstitutional. Of course this court was packed with by Democrats 5-2. And that eventualyl favors the Democrats.

  • Alana Lee Rock

    Blue wave is coming.

  • labman57

    If he stays true to form, Donnie will respond with one of the following:

    - I never really supported this Saccone guy, and anyone who says I did is reporting fake news.

    - The election was fixed. There were over 3 million votes for the Democrat that need to be thrown out.

    - I declare it a tie, and I've appointed myself as the tie-breaker vote. The Republican wins!

  • Jason Kam

    so sad that that many people stil vote for democrats

  • Jon

    Lamb wins - a taste of November 2018.

  • SH

    The 100% shown below is a bit deceptive - with all the paper ballots still to be reported and the 2 pct's from Westmoreland still uncounted for.

    Elections 2018

    LIVE 12:06:42 AM ET

    Pennsylvania Special Election Results: 18th Congressional District


    Conor Lamb leads by 0.3 percentage points, or 579 votes, over Rick Saccone with 100 percent of precincts fully reporting.

    Precinct results are not currently available for Westmoreland County. Precinct results may not match district-wide results.

    Live Estimates of the Final Vote

    results are not currently available in Westmoreland County, a heavily
    Republican part of the district. We’re monitoring the county-level
    results closely, but for now we can’t responsibly make a forecast
    without more detailed information about where in Westmoreland County the
    votes are coming from.

    Election results and race calls from The Associated Press.
    Precinct-level results from county election offices. Other precinct data
    compiled by Nathaniel Kelso and Michal Migurski.

  • SH

    As the race is now neck & neck they will now do a hand count of the paper ballots which will take house and the results are not expected till tomorrow - but most of the Absentee ballots favor Dem's and there are more then 3,000 of them plus military ballots.

  • Fermer Votre Bouche

    May lady luck smile on those 850 good folks that put Lamb ahead.

  • Impetus

    Well, according to CNN we won't know until tomorrow. Washington County won't count its 1195 absentee ballots until then. They are definitely the mean girls tonight.

  • Carla O'Neal

    I really believe Lamb has this. Now, the orange clown and the NRA are freaking out.....face it, the blue wave is here to stay

  • Vinny Albanese

    It's come down to one percent in Westmoreland and they are separated by 95 votes. Wow...exciting...hopefully, the Russian agent doesn't get there in time to stuff the ballot box.

  • Eddie Redmann

    Well, the Republicans didn't lose. That doesn't say much of a district that went Trump +20.

  • Colinalcarz

    Some in the media have suggested that this special election may serve as an early indicator of how the midterms will go, and indirectly an indication of how the voters feel about Trump. Mission accomplished whether Lamb wins or not.

  • Silverbird

    98% in and there is a 700 vote difference.

  • SummerFan12

    Could ABC's tally graphics be any worse? I don't think so. At times, the whole board is blurry.

  • Al White

    Shouldn't the absentee votes already be counted?

  • Robin

    Looks like it will come down to the absentee ballots.

  • Impetus

    This one's not going to be called until 100% of the precincts are in. I wonder if it will be like a regular election where the last ones to report are three or more hours later than everyone else.

  • obarthelemy

    I'm guessing the Russians didn't "help" with that one ?

  • Terry Stein

    63% reporting and Lamb still ahead

  • Robin

    i don't want to get excited yet because Roy Moore was leading big early in the night as well and went on to lose.

  • qwerrk

    Well, if the early data are to be believed (~14K votes in), it's looking a little blue over PA

  • David P.

    PA 18 voted Donald Trump for President over HRC by 20 points in 2016. Give that area a very wide berth if you're driving cross-country. Their hills have eyes.

  • David P.

    Conor Lamb: 33-year old Marine Corps veteran and former assistant U.S. attorney; Rick Saccone: 60 year-old, 4 term incumbent. It appears that Saccone's main qualification for office is the fact that he's been there for so long. Seriously?

  • Michael Hill

    Poor libs, hoping for some way to impeach Trump.
    Maybe you should actually read how a president may be removed from office by impeachment and why it has never happened.