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  • Snarky Sparkasm

    All we ask of you, fellow Americans, is that you believe the Wahhabi sect had peaceful demonstrations in Syria, and instead of marking the historic occasion of Wahhabis protesting peacefully, Assad just showed up and killed everybody. That's not so hard, is it?

    It's the only time that sect of Islam as EVER protested peacefully. Their usual response to infidels and the blasphemous is to kill them... This one time, they had a peaceful protest....and that, fellow Americans is what we need to believe about why we are in Syria.

    If you're on board with THAT bit of silliness, your country is grateful.that you won't be interupting the flow of Coalition money to our dear Republican and Democrat Party....and now it's on to Iran.

  • virgillionhere

    Great idea, let's turn Iran into North Korea.
    It's so easy to get these countries to give up nukes once they have them

  • Esther Haman

    Like what is Pompiano is going to do! Reverses all “6” Nations signature with a blink of an eye?! Iran has said adamantly they will not renegotiate, EU and UN have backed them up. Even Comrade Trump has signed off on it a few times. If Comrade Trump wants to tear it up, then go for it, Iran will become another Nuclear power in the ME, something worth than North Korea is!! How does BiBi Yahoo likes that out come?!

  • Ira Cohen

    We should look at this situation very cautiously to put it mildly. The gulf states, essentially led by Saudi Arabia are neither democratic, openminded nor in it for the sake of the US. We're taking sides in a HYUGE Islamic split and conflict and I doubt it will be to our benefit, I expect with Pompeo's support Trump will push to cancel the Iran nuke deal and create a rift between the US and the rest of the world. Add this to never rejoining the Paris Accord, and moving against China aggressively, creating a trade war and we have the beginnings of a pseudo Nationalist movement, something that should scare all of us.

  • Snarky Sparkasm

    Hmmmm,,, I oppose the US membership in the Saudi Coalition, and the wars we fight for Saudi interests. War is a serious thing... it should only be used in extreme situations,,,, not the way the Saudi Coalition uses it.

    We make war easily. It's nothing. We go to war at the drop of a hat. We fight alongside Saudi Arabia...arguably the worst country in the world... because they discovered a way to get large sums of money to our Republican and Democrat party.

    If we stop the money, we stop the wars. If we cannot stop the money the wars continue.. The US could be a beacon to the world.... We could be a force for truth, justice and the American Way... if the American way wasn't to accept bribes from evil governments.

  • John Smith

    The diplomatic decisions were made in the White House not the state department. Pompeo will get fired too. It's just a matter of time.

  • ExtraStealth

    If the Arabs hated Tillerson, he should have been kept in office, but Trump is not a thinker. A true you-know-what moron.
    I'm betting Tillerson is thinking "Best Firing Ever". Congrats, Tillerson!
    You have been released from the Insane Clown Administration. I'm betting
    he is planning a secret party.