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  • CantStoptheSignalM

    "On Saturday, several hundred demonstrators marched to the entrance of
    the landfill, but dispersed because of unpleasant fumes, the Dozhd
    internet TV channel reported."

    The same thing happens here in the US when people protest near the White House.

  • olavi

    So the Russians can ruin whatever good system.

  • Steve1956

    After reading the title I thought that the trump clan was paying them a visit. Donald will probably be shopping for a new wife before long.

  • Fermer Votre Bouche

    Putin is more concerned with waste disposal in Syria

  • Emma Lou #2

    ooo ooo that smell.

  • Doug Blasco

    The biggest garbage dump in Moscow is the kremlin

  • Loue Whose

    yup, let's start a war with these people
    they might actually prefer it to being home