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  • samLion

    They might have come out in numbers here, but they are largely in the minority. Most Hungarians want to maintain Hungarian culture and identity. Can't blame them for that.

  • John Smith

    The right wing fascista is on the move all over the world. Philippines, China, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, UK, France, All of central and south America. They are going for the world-and getting it.

  • CrossWare

    This article is so full of lies, hard to correct it...

    - First of all Fidesz had such a majority in EVERY country in the world would have won. In England and France the result would have been 4/5 not only 2/3.

    - "Tens of thousands protester" - it was barely 10,000.

    - "Opposition supporters are upset that Hungary's electoral rules have given Orban's party such a large majority in Parliament when it only won around 50 percent of the vote."
    There was more than 10 parties competed in the election campaign from the neo-Nazis to the Communists in the "opposition". About 50% of the votes went to Fidesz the rest of it spread around the other parties! The second largest party was 30% behind the winning Fidesz.

    - "The size of the crowd, overflowing from the city's Kossuth Square outside the striking neo-Gothic Parliament, rivalled the pro-government "Peace March" - Another lie. This protest: 10,000 people. Peace March: 500,000 (yeah only 50 times was larger)

    - "We want new and fair elections," opposition activist Gergely Gulyas told the huge crowd. - The election was fair, even the opposition party leaders stated this fact. The agitator Gulyas meant they want election, where the minority neo-Bolsheviks will win...

    - "a complex electoral system" - Another lie, this is one of the simplest system in Europe.

    - The rest of the article is Globalist drivel, full of BS.