Comey says everyone – himself included – thought Clinton would win 2016 election


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  • Stephen French

    Amazing that Putin was able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes, and using only a few hundred thousand dollars, get Trump elected. By golly, that Putin must be the best politician on the planet; it seems that only he knew Trump would be elected. But wait, perhaps Putin also "knew" Clinton would be elected and was only trying to diminish her effectiveness once in office? In that case, spending a few hundred thousand would be sensible: and since America helps or hurts candidates world wide ... .

  • Robert Earnest

    Quite frankly I think Comey was and is out to get both Trump and Clinton.

  • Herb Eaversmells

    To this day, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch the You-tube videos of all the liberals crying on Election Night!!!!

    It truly is the gift that keeps giving!!!

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    "...and he wasn’t the only who thought Clinton was a shoe-in..."

    On the other hand, the more literate among us assumed she was a shoo-in.

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    I've never trusted the legitimacy of Trump's "victory," and this is why. No one should be able to LOSE the "popular vote" and still be installed under a technicality. That's not democracy at all!

    Comey should be thrown in prison for his interference. The Trump campaign was ALSO "under investigation," but nothing in his (imaginary) ethics compelled him to let the American public know about that until after it was too late.

  • Niltsi

    Well duh! Your boss Lynch certainly thought Clinton was going to win too. That's why you guys were so lenient on her. Can't be mean to the new boss. That would be bad form.

  • End of Life Ritual

    This was one thing that didn't make sense. Comey said he was trying to keep the FBI out of politics but then turns around and says he was making decisions based on an assumption Hillary would win. Doesn't track well.

  • j-m

    basically, they thought/knew hrc would win and dt had no chance. They wanted to legitimize hrc victory with the the hail mary play to throw all doubt out the window of a rigged election all while sitting back and waiting for the election results to roll in before deciding when and if they were ever going to tell us the extent of russian meddling, curious

  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    Maybe Comey should have entitled his memoirs: "What Happened: Part II"
    OR "Another Bureaucrat Covering His Behind"

  • hopesprings52

    Comey is the nation's top prosecutor. He should have followed government protocols in the Clinton matter. Protocols dictated that his July statement to the press and his election eve statement that he was reopening the investigation were not appropriate and ill-advised. There is no question that Trump fired him to obstruct and derail the probe into Russia and the Trump mob. But Rosenstein was right - his behavior on the Clinton emails was not proper.

  • Trudy Hill

    "Obama said Putin backed the wrong horse" after Hilary me that means Putin backed Hilary and she lost. Why would he say that if Trump won ? And I think that says a lot.

  • srichey321

    I voted democrat and was shocked that Trump one. Lets be honest, the Democratic Party is the biggest reason a guy like Trump won, but they don't want to accept it and get their own house in order.

  • Fo Gordon

    He is old enough to know that you never know what could happen on any given Sunday ! He had an open investigation on the Trump team. As it happened tRump won and from day one his presidency has been illegitimate. Thanks for nothing. The fact remains that you helped a traitor get elected .

  • Major Remington

    Comey did more damage to the Dems than to Trump. He's just another bitter loser.

  • CaptnBlynd

    They gamed the system for so long that they accepted their lies as truth. Then it blew up in their faces when it turned out that many do not believe.

    The only reason Donald Trump is President Trump is because he ran against Mrs Clinton. Polar opposite platforms and equally despised. Comeys actions were just a part of the game. Now he will make money telling the story of when he gamed and lost.

  • Jjtripp

    Evidently not everybody thought that she would win you traitor

  • Dave R

    Everyone thought she would win? Not so much - Sincerely, the Electoral College.

  • OK

    And that is why you did not do your job, you didn't want to rub your new boss wrong. Weak and more an excuse to be fired.

  • wilmers13

    They could have asked me here in Australia. I thought Trump had a good chance of being elected.

    1. The 'never Trump' movement would have caused people to say 'who are you to tell me?' Resistance builds and causes change of minds plus giving the wrong answer to the pollsters.

    2. Trump foreshadowed domestic policies that appealed to people. It was unknown who votes for candidates with foreign policies in mind or for domestic policies. It seemed to me there was preference to the latter - in the right places for the electoral college.

  • mountainlady

    She might have won if the Russians had stayed out of it. They knew a strong leader when they saw one and they didn't want to face her. They wanted to deal with little Donnie instead.

  • Shirley Parrish

    I do believe trump is tell the truth the FBI is lieding because of Hillary. I believe she's guilty their are paying the FBI big bucks TO LIE ON TRUMP .. they are taking and trying to destroy trump I believe Hillary and all of them is in on it.. So please Leave Trump alone. Enough isn't enough. I know with all my heart the FBI was setting there not tell the TRUTH. We love you TRUMP. KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP

  • Rocketmissile

    They all thought the Soros fix was in. It wasn't! The Globalist-Bankster Cabal was trying to steal the election. They were thwarted by the good guys.

  • Skippy3504

    Didn't a Strzok/Page text mention something about them not wanting to be too tough on Hillary during the investigation because they feared a possible backlash from her if she won?

  • RoB68

    Legal decisions should not be made through the prism of political discretion, presumption or expediency.