The emotional moment Comey shared with Obama after the election


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  • Paul Frantizek

    Hard to believe a maundering, lying ninny like Comey operated at such high levels of government for so long. It speaks very poorly for the sort of people who have filled the administrative state.

    And I hold GWB just as responsible as Clinton/Obama for this - many of these self-serving operators proudly bear the imprimatur of the Bush Family (Probably why they despise Trump so much, because he denied them the ultimate Win-Win scenario of a Hillary v. Jeb election)..

  • MainelyMe2015

    Did poor Jimmy Comey get his feelings hurt and Barry had to reach up and give him a big hug?

  • Dee Win

    So, we have a potus who picks and chooses the laws he'll enforce, and a FBI lackey who looks the other way. Honor among thieves is what I see.

  • ata777

    James Comey's "Sally Fields Moment."

  • WiredWilly

    That's exactly what Obama was saying, Jim you did the right thing in covering up and not doing a thorough investigation of Hillary during my Presidency.

  • Elb Graywolf

    Those eye bags he has show a man that is worried!

  • dgabe

    Comey should be investigated by the DOJ

  • Summer Tyme

    Someday America will again elect a decent man or woman to the office of the Presidency.

    Until then we are saddled with this viper named Donald Trump. Or, Dolt 45, as he will be forever remembered.