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  • Ron Chaihexuan

    Korean Air is the worst airways.

  • WRW

    56,000 do not want to use Korea or their flag?? They are crazy! No one- especially overseas ever heard of these people.

    South Korea is so respected and Korean Airlines is one of the VERY best. Have flown it many times. Do not give away your identity and your reputation over a couple silly girls!

  • Emma Lou #2

    it sounds like both sisters had 'affluenza'.

  • Kelly Signoro

    She's a keeper.

  • Lion1010

    The key word being "nuts."

  • Baa

    Who in their right mind would fly on an airline that serves macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a plate?

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    Yes, this is pretty much EXACTLY the caliber of professionalism one gets when powerful people are allowed to hand out important jobs to their friends and family.

  • bibleexpert

    Detectives are busy as we speak trying to determine why this is considered news.

  • Quantez Williams

    She should see a therapist for her emotional issues.