Apr 16, 2018, 10:12 AM ET

Kellyanne Conway slams Comey: He always diverts 'the spotlight to him'


President Donald Trump's senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, slammed former FBI Director James Comey as a publicity hound who is trying to promote his new book.

"The president is very confounded that this person is always able to divert the spotlight to him," Conway said told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on the morning after his exclusive interview with Comey. "He has a very deft way of making things about him."

Conway also referred to Comey's admission that he may have subconsciously expected Hillary Clinton to become the next president when he decided 11 days before the election to announce the reopening of an investigation into her emails.

“He thought the wrong person would win,” Conway said.

PHOTO: Kellyanne Conway appear on Good Morning America, April 16, 2018.ABC News
Kellyanne Conway appear on "Good Morning America," April 16, 2018.

Stephanopoulos asked Comey in the interview that aired Sunday night, "At some level, wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that Hillary Clinton was going to win and your concern that she wins this comes out several weeks later and then that's taken by her opponents as a sign that she's an illegitimate president?"

The former FBI chief responded, “I don’t remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been because I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump, and so I’m sure that it was a factor,” Comey said. "I don’t remember spelling it out, but it had to have been, that she’s going to be elected president and if I hide this from the American people, she’ll be illegitimate the moment she’s elected, the moment this comes out."

Clinton has said she thinks Comey's announcement about the email probe so close to the election killed her chances of winning.

News - Kellyanne Conway slams Comey: He always diverts 'the spotlight to him'

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  • Philip Cohen

    And now, the full Comey story has arrived in his book. Watch the ultimate master of disingenuous Trump propaganda, the blathering Kellyanne Conway, not so masterly, incoherently and mendaciously fail to demolish same …

  • Douglas Archer

    I love how Trump and his trumpettes biggest complaint is that Comey can get more attention than Trump.
    Trump's main weapon and his biggest rush, is getting all the attention.
    Trump is unhinged in his attacks on Comey, not from his usual position of strength as a bully, Trump is acting like a rebellious foul mouthed child.

  • nubwaxer

    he swung the election and is helping Donald stay in office with his vain criticisms. rather than heroic i find him pathetic if not disgusting and i'm an old lefty. he'd rather have another Republican like ethically pretentious Mitt in the White House i think. "morally unfit" is nothing compared to implementing the right wing extremist reactionary agenda. he says nothing about that, just a holier than thou comment to sell his book.

  • fred

    how can anybody listen to that woman for more than 10 seconds?

  • Marvin the Martian

    Woof woof!

  • askew

    How do you say something like that out loud without bursting out laughing?

  • Ctrygrl

    "The president is very confounded that this person is always able to divert the spotlight to him,"

    What is the matter KellyAnne is the president jealous.

  • unreligious

    As we all know Trump hates anyone who turns the spotlight away from him.

  • Demon Kojure

    I can't look at this creature without imaging her on the podium at one of the Nuremberg rallies.

    Pence, either.

  • empty

    Comey played the political hack for the GOP. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton placed him there because of their ridiculous tarmac hello. Hillary Clinton deserved to lose because of her stupid e mail blunder/ control game being the most investigated/ targeted politician in modern GOP history ...... duhhhhhh. Comey is a showboat in that he is playing Trumps own game against himself. Choirboy Comey humbled and flawed and acting aww shucks chock full of integrity. Trump blathering, ranting, grasping and attacking from every conceivable angle ..... flailing about truly in a panic.

  • joe schlag

    I could have swore he was talking about Trump.

  • MAGreenA

    What a trite and immature thing to say. But when I think about it, almost everything she says sounds like that. They really dug to bottom of barrel to have her as a spokesperson for anything.

  • ted marks

    oohhhhhhh pleeesse KellyAnne.............Put a sock in it before you really embarrass yourself.......Again.

  • Llandrum3

    Skellyanne should be grateful... If the light is on Comey, then no one can see threw her... Ouch kelly that must hurt not to go ouside

  • Anne Martin

    Comey would not have done that much damage without the 200,000 Russian "votes" that were put in the machines.

  • Jenn Borden

    Ugly women with ugly souls.
    Conway and Sarah "Rocky Horror" Sanders will have to answer to their God
    for all the lies they tell.

  • arriba65

    That is hi-freakin'-larious coming from her.

  • Megane

    Comey 11
    Trump 0

  • Roger

    Kellyanne Conartist has mastered two skills. One is word vomit that is meant to disallow any feedback or response so she can get out her points without being asked any annoying questions and the other is the art of perpetual deflection. Any question the interviewer does get in is never directly answered but only as an opening for her to sidestep it and go to the next talking point that has little to do with the last point.
    Typical Trumper. All blowhard. No substance. Alternative facts.

  • Fastfinger

    Comey was duty bound to brief the Pesident on all national security matters, and what the FBI was doing about them.. NOT wait for the President to ask what was going on.. and what future plans were made to deal with the issues.. by his own words, Comey admits thathe did not perform his job well and was a disservice to American security.

  • Llandrum3

    Bigotry at abc.. I have freedom of speech as well. Trust me I will be on your doorstep. I said nothing that I should be censored for... I hope you like attorneys

  • Top shelf

    Did Princess Skeletor forget who she works for? Trump craves the spotlight more than anyone in history, to a near-sociopathic level. (And would someone please give her some protein and seize her pipe?)

  • Megane

    Let her speak the following two words and she would make sense:

    "I'm melting!!!"

  • David Glover

    Sadly and unfortunately it was Mrs. Clinton's best friend's estranged husband that cost her the election as well as not paying enough attention to battleground states. Comey should have had more wisdom to prevent his agency from becoming politicized. He then became too political himself, compromising himself and his agency, not good for our nation. It will take a fervent internal investigation that is credible to begin to restore integrity to the agency, which is vital to America. This will take much time and it is imperative that Congress oversees in a bipartisan manner, much is at stake for our nation, leaders need to step up!

  • Doug Evermore

    who knew that this psycho had comedy chops?

  • Ima Knut

    Ha ha ha! And Trump doesn’t? I think I broke a rib.

  • Benedict Donald T.A.B.A

    "The president is very confounded that this person is always able to divert the spotlight to him," coming from a narcissistic reality show president's spokeswomen, this is particularly funny.

  • Mikey1969

    Yeah lady, he helped YOUR BOSS get elected. Are you angry about that? Because absolutely NOTHING about what he did helped Clinton in any way.

    Jesus, this woman is stupid. It's almost an insult to Kate McKinnon that she spoofs her, like Kate has shoes that are smarter than Kellyanne.

  • Hemp4Profit

    I wish Comey wouldn't have written about Trump's orange skin. The media seizes on that and can talk about little else. There is plenty to talk about without shaming him for his looks.

  • Richard

    If this caught on and spread nationwide, Trump would pop a gasket......call him simply


  • bloggette

    I think she has it backwards. Trump is the master of diversion. He conveniently manufactures crises every time something becomes public that puts him in an unflattering light. In some instances Comey could have chose his words differently rather than using language descriptive of Trump's physical appearance, but we get the gist of his comments that Trump is morally and ethically unfit for office. I thought the comparison with a mob boss was right on.

  • Tom

    "All about him"
    "Difficulty with the truth."

    She keeps saying she's talking about Comey, but describing Trump perfectly.

  • Richard

    Remember Saddam's spin doctor, "Baghdad Bob"....there's were rivers of American blood flowing.......Conway is Trump's spin doctor, and liar. How is this old hag relevant anyway? Taking the spotlight off of Trump is one of the Cardinal Sins that will get someone fired, and the focus of Trump's wrath. He can not stand sharing the news spotlight with anyone.
    Trump can dish it out, but sure cant take it. The way he slanders and trash talks anyone who disagrees with him is not normal, and Dotard Trump does not deserve respect.......Fake President.

  • stephen

    Kellyanne is learning Russian; apparently Putin appreciates her spin-ability and wants to give her a promotion.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Saw a few minutes of a Trump speech at a group of small businessmen. Of course, it was all about Donald. His tax cut, his cutting of regulations, his leadership, blah. blah. blah.

    Has anyone ever seen Trump address anyone other than his cult at pep rallies or RNC sponsored functions? Of course not, Trump couldn't take the heat of anything other than a captive and friendly audience. That's our brave president for you.

  • Joe Castroville

    Kellyanne is almost too old to get down her knees like she has her entire career. Wicked Witch of the Trump Mob along with Miss Piggy Huckleberry Saddle Bags.

  • cobiahunter60

    He said the assumption of a Clinton victory "must have" influenced his actions in the email investigation, though he says not consciously. What a hack this man is. Hey, Jimmy! You were supposed to be a law enforcement official, not a political pundit. Its no wonder you were sacked. Now prepare to be indicted.

  • Kelly Hartle

    And what does she call Trump? Every time something happens in the investigation, he has to do or tweet something to misdirect the conversation and stir up his base. Just like Santa, Mueller's making a list, and checking it twice!

  • Heavy Rain is Coming

    Kellyanne who?

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    In other words, Kellyanne, only your boss is allowed to hog the spotlight. No wonder he detests Comey and fired him. Stealing a few minutes of spotlight from Donnie is a capital offense, isn't it?

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    OMG, please tell me it isn't true. The woman who works for Trump accuses someone else of hogging the spotlight. The woman who works for the number one narcissist in the world who believe the universe revolves around him?

    The woman who invented alternative facts still hasn't stopped has she? She's been kept out of the spotlight herself for a while. Now we know why. Hogging the Spotlight? Unbelievable, how dare anyone do that to Donnie.

  • bromeando

    Ummm no Ms. Conway, the only person you have to thank for your job... is Vladimir Putin!

  • TrumpiansRMorons

    Ms. Alternative Facts dares to talk about the truthfulness of another? LOL

  • Ann Marshall

    Not sure if you are familiar with what books are. The book is about James Coney and yes, he is selling this book.

  • cephalo

    Very poor attempt at deflection. Comey has a big ego, but that changes nothing regarding his observations of Trump.

  • ohyes2011

    Only trump can make it all about him....conway shouldnt be asked anything.

  • Torpedoyou

    Ah yes! The "I'm rubber you're glue defense."