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  • Elena

    Apparently their parents never taught them -- Do not steal.

  • Dan

    One thing's for sure.... they won't do it again.

  • Rubber Banned

    oh well...

  • xThatxSamexDudex

    And nothing of value was lost.. Except maybe the tree. I hope it survives.

  • rightened

    Well, at least this situation resolved itself.

    Now it's time to look at that gun store's safety precautions. Clearly someone didn't want to put the time or money into protecting their property well enough, with proper storage for their weapons. I mean, come on! If you're dealing in weaponry, then it is your responsibility as the owner of those weapons to secure them properly--particularly when you have a collection of this level for sale, and everyone who walks into your store knows what you're offering.

  • ranknfile

    All that death and destruction for what? Some handguns..

  • sobustedagain