HIALEAH, Fl — Apr 16, 2018, 1:49 PM ET

President Trump touts GOP's tax cuts in roundtable with Hispanic business leaders


President Donald Trump arrived in Miami early this afternoon for the latest in a series of events put on by the White House to promote the GOP's tax cuts passed late last year.

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"Tomorrow is tax day and we're going to hear from everybody," Trump said in his opening remarks. "We have heard from so many people, they're so thrilled. Remember this is the last time we draw up that long, complicated, horrible return."

With the 2018 midterms on the horizon, Republicans are hoping to counter-messaging from Democrats who have sought to label the cuts as far more favorable to the wealthy than middle-class voters.

A new ABC News/Washington Poll out Monday shows a 10-point Democratic lead among all adults has narrowed to 4 points among registered voters and 5 points among those who say they’re both registered and certain to vote; neither of those is statistically significant.

In January, by contrast, Democrats held similar margins in all three groups – 13, 12 and 15 points, respectively.

"We didn't get one Democrat to vote for us," Trump said, setting his sights directly on Florida's Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. "Senator Nelson was hostile to it. Let me tell you, if for any reason they get in, meaning the Democrats, they're going to raise your taxes way up high."

Trump also used the occasion to praise the U.S. military following the missile strikes in Syria that were carried out over the weekend.

"Did our generals do a great job? Did our military do a great job?" Trump polled the room to cheers. "You know with more than 100 missiles shot, they didn't shoot one down."

Speaking of his Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin, Trump, who has in the past only said he hires "the best people," made a rare admission acknowledging some missteps in his initial picks for his Cabinet.

"Not all of my choices were good, but they were great ones," Trump said.

News - President Trump touts GOP's tax cuts in roundtable with Hispanic business leaders

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  • kaymichigan1

    Heard a tax expert on the radio advising everyone who gets a paycheck to do a "paycheck checkup" to make sure you're withholding enough for the new tax codes next year. He said that if you don't adjust how much you withhold, you could end up owing hundreds if not thousands more next year. There's a free withholding calculator on the IRS site. He said that if you usually get a refund, you shouldn't count on that because of the new laws. Check your withholding and avoid a nasty surprise next year.

  • mollydtt

    Not good choices, but great ones. Wow! Just wow!

  • wd65

    $5 a week. That's my wife's tax cut. It won't change our lives. And the multi-million dollar tax cuts for Trump, the Koch brothers and other billionaires won't change their lives either; they were already rich.
    But the yearly trillion and a half dollars in borrowed money to pay for those tax cuts will change everyone's lives eventually.

    Of course Democrats will raise taxes. It was idiotic to borrow money to give tax cuts to the wealthy in the first place. At the least they should roll back Trump's tax cuts.

    And shame on Paul Ryan and other Republicans who vowed to cut the deficit and then went along with a major deficit increase. Dumb and dumber.

  • Summer Tyme

    Did he tout the coming trillion dollar deficits?

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Of course he touts the tax cuts... what else has he accomplished? Still waiting to see how simplified the return is, since they did not cut any tax brackets.

  • LauraTXN

    Many, many Americans support President Trump. Most of them are working and don't have time to sit at home and troll ABC News with negative commentary toward the policies of President Trump.

  • Red Hawk

    "Not all of my choices were good, but they were great ones," Trump said.== Do Trump supporters actually believe this tripe in lite of all the exists and firings in the White House?

  • SGNH

    I listened to a few of the participants in Trump's roundtable. They wouldn't be welcomed if they tried immigrating in Trump's America today.

  • Top shelf

    There no limits to Trump's stupidity; that much is clear every time he opens his mouth.

  • BD70

    So two of Cohens clients are Trump and Hannity. Ok......

  • Keith

    "Not all my choices were good, but they were great."


  • Alex

    Note that Trump is now planning to spend the entire week at Mar-a-Lago. Needs to catch up on embezzling taxpayer money by forcing the government to spend countless taxpayer dollars at his Trump Organization for-profit resort.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    I saw part of his presentation. He was magnificent. I did this and I did that and because of me the economy is booming and because I eliminated regulations, you will make more money than ever.

    No one pats himself on the back better than Donnie. He's the greatest president ever. Just ask him.

  • BjTp

    at 1 million a missile, you'd think that the 100 million could have been spent elsewhere. You notice that the Trumper didn't mention the current attempt to defund some of the budget items so they can actually pay for the tax cut.

  • d big

    Sure Trump, your tax give away to your rich friends is what is important, that and golf, forget Syria, Russia or NK.

  • Pat Baxter

    Trump is a failure as a human being. Trump's lies are many and ongoing (why would anyone believe a word Trump says). With Trump's many and various ongoing scandals that Trump has the gall to show his face anywhere is unbelievable. Trump doesn't have the sense to be ashamed of himself. It's a shame that such a wicked man was installed in the WH. Shame on despot Putin
    and his army of cyber-thugs, Assange, WikiLeaks, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and on and on and on...and even at that, Hillary STILL got MILLIONS more votes than Trump. Hillary got the majority.

  • tstorm

    May take home check is actually less this year and I owe on both my state and federal taxes. My employer gave no raises and no cash bonuses. Stop the BS Trump!!! Very , very FEW people, except the filthy rich, benefited from your tax giver-away to billion dollar corporations. Can't wait till you're out of office!!

  • katerant

    Florida! Here's your chance to emulate third world countries as Kansas has done! Terrible education, pot holes, scant government services.....all so the top2% in your state can buy more yachts!

  • Bill Toone

    We old white men can buy more gold-plated toilets. Pass the debt on to the next generation. Don't worry, they can just declare bancruptcy like I did. I'm smart. Right?

  • J P

    Sean Hannity is Cohen's third client! Now you no where the scumbag gets his information. The crime syndicate extends to Fox News.

  • Sonora Nomad

    The tax cut sounds good, especially if the listeners are in the top 1%, and, truthfully, workers may see some tax relief as well, however small. But the real effect is going to be felt a year, maybe two years, from now when Government revenues are nowhere near the levels needed to avoid massive spending cuts...then the pain will begin. The military will remain inviolate so the only places the cuts will occur are in the social safety nets...SS, Medicare, Medicaid, scientific research, and other programs that actually benefit people.

    My prediction...in two years we will hear GOP screams...yes, screams and howls....about the need to cut these programs because cutting these programs will be the only way to manage our debt. That the GOP has foisted upon us yearly trillion dollar deficits from now to eternity will not matter. Gotta cut gotta cut gotta cut....debt is out of control. Wait for it....it's coming our way.

  • P bis

    What alot of lying. That tax bill will kill us for many years to come. You cant just suddenly cut the national income by 21% and not expect catastrophe. We are already feeling it and now Trump wants the poor to pay for those big rich food stamps and cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Our grandchildren will never see a national deficit that could be brought down in their lifetime.

  • Alex

    And Trump plans to take advantage of being in Florida by making a trip to Mar-a-Lago through either Thursday or Sunday. Must be nice to use the Presidency as your part-time retirement job.

  • Truthful Opinion

    Trump won't talk about taxes very much, like he always do he will go off script to bash Comey, Hillary, Obama and others. What the American people want to know Mr. President when are you going to release your tax returns that are as you say are still being audited. You can't hide behind that lie forever.

  • Kay Schuh

    I could hardly wait to see what that wonderful tax cut was going to mean in my paycheck. Afterall, I was told I would see hundreds of dollars more...well $22.50 isn't really hundreds more..Thanks Trump for the wonderful tax cut.

  • fifolo

    Nice to see Trump saying high to his Mexican (yea, they may technically be Cuban, but to the GOP... whatever ) supporters in South Florida.

  • Jon

    ".....and I'm gonna build that wall, and who's gonna pay for it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......oh wait, wrong crowd."

  • davycoolguy

    Only low intelligent, bigoted zealots support todays GOP. They steal from the rest of us and give it to the wealthiest. The left would not compromise the environment , internet and even pass laws mking it illegal to sue banks.

  • Gargos

    "Not all of my choices were good, but they were great ones,"

    Was there an error in the transcription here? What does this even mean? You promised the country the best of the best and almost everybody has either been fired for ineptitude or quit.