Pharmacist disarms woman who tried to rob him at gunpoint


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  • allison kirkpatrick

    Good guy without a gun 1, gun owner 0

  • Phil

    Very brave pharmacist. Glad it worked out well for him & the store.

  • helico seek

    So there are two stories today about unarmed people disarming robbers. Both ended with no injuries or deaths. Think about what might have happened if either victim had a weapon. Chances are, the criminal would see the victim's gun and fire first. Others could have bit hit by the crossfire.

  • Andy S

    Feel bad for the pharmacist. He shouldn't have to deal with that...

  • Pollopa

    Just goes to show once again it doesn't take a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy or in this case several bad girls with a gun. No shots fired, no one injured and the women will probably get arrested soon. Training on how to best challenge a confrontation may be the best defense after all. Earlier story on a woman disarming a break in with an AK, seems to show fortitude and knowledge of weapons to gain the upper hand again through surprise confrontation. Same with that guy who stopped the shooting in the restaurant. My personal favorite is a hickory bat. Chased a burglar out of the house one night with it. Got in some good strikes heh. He is now paying time. I do own many guns, but discharging one in my house with kids in nearby rooms doesn't play well. I lost a good friend to a shot going through a wall. Her husband lives with that to this day.

  • Hecate

    Second story today where someone chose to fight back and won. Not saying it always advisable, but glad when the victim is not injured. Time for criminals to learn that not everyone is a soft target to be manipulated.

  • Pits

    Wow. I'm happy he won but she could have pulled that trigger so easily. I'm glad it turned out like it did. Now they just need to be caught.

  • Jiba

    Dear Robbers: Snatching Doors are being designed and manufactured. You will be squeezed to motionless at exit. Need to watch out.

  • Cody Coonts

    Glad he is alright, hopefully they can pull a fingerprint off of that firearm.

  • CO

    Somebody knows those three women and I hope they will be in jail by weeks end. A handgun and mace. How do you get to a point in life where you are this sorry?

  • kritikosman

    A pharmacists getting robbed--there's a change of pace.

  • Betty Bloop

    yet another 'good guy without a gun' story

  • rosaliecesar

    Wow this pahramacist has guts.i would be scared to death if someone pulled a gun at me.I think i would faint.

  • Russ Tanner

    Oh, btw, any of you thinking of grabbing someones pistol, please twist it out of their hands, not pulling on it and with it the trigger! I'm surprised he didn't get shot just from the force of pulling on the gun.

  • Chuck Heston

    This reminds me of Jerome Ersland. He as a pharmacist who shot and killed a robber and was convicted of murder. He is still in prison. The whole thing is a bunch of crap!!! A travesty of justice for sure!!!

  • Adi7

    Nice job with this robbery ladies, gaining nothing and losing a gun in the process :)

  • Blaize Rage

    Have long thought that pharmacies should have windows between employees and the public.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Good for him.
    I know of a few stores that appear to have some new employees lately. Burly young men in white lab coats who appear to have little work to do.
    It's kinda strange how they look like off duty cops.