Teacher shot in parent's driveway on Mother's Day months after leaked police report involving teenager


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  • thomasriddle

    18 years old: can go to war, watch your friends die and get your head blown off, can vote, can own a house, can sleep with anyone you want, can buy a gun, can get married, have a kid, life-liberty-pursuit of happiness.
    18 years old minus 1 day: everybody freaks out because the poor baby is going to be traumatized for life from seeing a naked woman.

  • Jiba

    Pretty sure an arrest will be made in days

  • rosaliecesar

    I am pretty sure the Police will find her murderer.

  • Chuck Heston

    This is a crazy story. I bet the fiancee had something to do with it.

  • gs12

    Good reason why all leakers should be put down.

  • Indy

    If the genders of the teacher and the young individual had been reversed, this comments section would be a great deal different in the mindset being displayed and with the amount of righteous indignation put on display as well, it's kinda funny but also fairly sad.

  • peabody3000

    i'm not saying it must have been her ex-fiancé.. but..

  • Golgappa

    Typical American comments: there’s always some self-righteous nutjob to defend violent crimes. Where has this country gone...?

  • DJ17

    Sorry but I find it hard to feel sad for a child molester.