May 16, 2018, 9:42 PM ET

Teacher shot in parent's driveway on Mother's Day months after leaked police report involving teenager


Rachael DelTondo, a young teacher from the Pittsburgh area, was shot dead in her parent’s driveway after returning from an ice cream shop late on Mother's Day.

DelTondo, 32, died from the multiple gunshot wounds she sustained in the quiet neighborhood of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, according to police.

Suspicion surrounds the death of the young teacher as she was recently the victim of leaked confidential information from the Aliquippa Police Department involving her and a 17-year-old. But it's not yet clear, what, if any, this turn of events has to do with her murder.

"We were saddened to learn of the tragic death of Rachel DelTondo, apparently the result of a violent incident in the City of Aliquippa," the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, who suspended DelTondo after the police report was leaked, said in a statement. "We express our sympathy to her family and coworkers and will support them in any way possible in the weeks and months ahead as they mourn her passing."

Her former employer also confirmed that the 17-year-old in the leaked police report was not a student at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.

DelTondo's ex-fiance, Frank Catroppa, was questioned by investigators. According to his lawyer, Stephen Colafella, surveillance video evidence established "that [Frank] was at home during the time period encompassed by this event." The two broke up in February of 2016, after eight years of dating.

Catroppa said he and DelTondo had not communicated in about seven or eight months. In an interview with ABC affiliate WTAE, Catroppa said events involving the 17-year-old were not the cause of their breakup. In fact, he said he did not know about any incidents until well after his relationship with DelTondo had ended.

"From what I read, from the news that I've seen, nobody deserves that," Catroppa told ABC News. "I don't quite understand what she could have possibly done to really deserve that and you know I would love to see justice and whoever committed this crime to be brought into custody."

The Beaver County District Attorney's office is working with all state and local officials to investigate DelTondo's homicide and find the person who committed this crime, District Attorney David Lozier said in a press conference on Tuesday.

The Aliquippa Police Department has yet to respond to ABC News request for comment on the leaked police report and have not commented on the murder investigation.

News - Teacher shot in parent's driveway on Mother's Day months after leaked police report involving teenager

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  • thomasriddle

    18 years old: can go to war, watch your friends die and get your head blown off, can vote, can own a house, can sleep with anyone you want, can buy a gun, can get married, have a kid, life-liberty-pursuit of happiness.
    18 years old minus 1 day: everybody freaks out because the poor baby is going to be traumatized for life from seeing a naked woman.

  • Jiba

    Pretty sure an arrest will be made in days

  • rosaliecesar

    I am pretty sure the Police will find her murderer.

  • Chuck Heston

    This is a crazy story. I bet the fiancee had something to do with it.

  • gs12

    Good reason why all leakers should be put down.

  • Indy

    If the genders of the teacher and the young individual had been reversed, this comments section would be a great deal different in the mindset being displayed and with the amount of righteous indignation put on display as well, it's kinda funny but also fairly sad.

  • peabody3000

    i'm not saying it must have been her ex-fiancé.. but..

  • Golgappa

    Typical American comments: there’s always some self-righteous nutjob to defend violent crimes. Where has this country gone...?

  • DJ17

    Sorry but I find it hard to feel sad for a child molester.