Michael Cohen battles Stormy Daniels' lawyer over publishing the former Trump attorney’s alleged confidential banking information


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  • JLW

    My bank records better darn well be confidential....and so should EVERYONE'S. Whether or not the information contained in them is relevant, important, etc. is NOT the point. Mr. Avenatti had NO business even having these records and he needs to explain how he had them in his possession. PERIOD!

  • AngeredVoter

    Nevertheless, Cohen claimed that Avenatti has “deliberately distorted information…for the purpose of creating a toxic mix of misinformation.”
    Karma kinda sucks.

  • Jim D.

    Cohen allegedly said he would take a bullet for Trump, which is the type of loyalty Trump seems to demand. And Cohen was true to his word. He said he made the $130,000 payment to Stormy without being reimbursed by Trump. And it may have worked if the feds didn't get access to records indicating otherwise. Which is why Giuliani had to say the things he did. The lesson for all present and future Trump acolytes who are also willing to take a bullet for Trump. Do a better job of covering your tracks. You owe Trump that much.

  • Kirby

    I believe that this is only the SECOND article I've read on this general subject, which includes dozens of articles over the last few months, which did not contain the words "...whose real name is Stephanie Clifford...". Are reporters FINALLY starting to realize that after months of this we probably already know Daniels' real name or just don't care? Let's hope so. I am seriously so sick of reading that exact phrase over and over and over again.

  • Dave

    It is fun to watch Michael Cohen squirm and it is even funnier to know that Donnie is probably wetting himself several times a day wondering when he will be forced to resign. His resignation will be the best day in American history. Of course Pence is pretty scary as well. I was recently a moderate Republican but not now. The extreme right wingers have destroyed to party to the point of no return.

  • Truthful Opinion

    You mean a lawyer for a porn star is out maneuvering a president and billionaire businessmans lawyer. Priceless!!

  • UnaMas85

    Cohen is the loose thread that we all been waiting for.

  • Calibandawg

    Lemme see here. Cohen versus Avenatti... Hmmm. Who would I pick in a legal fight? Mr. Cohen better hope his lawyer is better than he is.

  • Youcan'thandlethetruth

    Cohen's expression and demeanor have changed dramatically. No more loud mouth, I'll break your legs kind of attitude. What happened?

  • inonepeice

    “Avenatti is apparently in possession of and has published information from some of Mr. Cohen’s actual bank records” that he has “no lawful basis to possess.”
    If I don't shred my bank statements and throw them out anybody could grab it and it would be my fault.

  • Blkhawksgrl

    Disagree with publicly publishing peoples bank records.... no matter what the case is...

  • Maybe, Maybe Not

    OK, this is related to me by a friend, ok? It wasn't me. I swear, it wasn't. A friend told me this.

    Anyway, I, excuse me, a friend, was watching this porn video last night and there was an ad at the beginning of it with Stormy Daniels, naked as a jaybird, talking about how you've probably seen her in the news lately.

  • Blue Wave

    By the time all of this is over, the entire country will be doused from all this mud-slinging.

  • Jake the real Jake

    Stormy & her lawyer tougher to deal with than little rocket man, who would've thought trumpy. Ha!

  • Motoboto Haritoto

    Michael Cohen should spring for a real lawyer The one he has is an idiot.

  • Wrecking Ball

    I think 99% accuracy is pretty conclusive. Cohen's lawyers are going out on a limb with this one. All they have to go on are very, very weak limbs.

  • cptUSAG

    A Porn Star and her attorney have done what nobody else in the country has been able to accomplish.

    They have shut Trump up and have opened the door to even more charges about the Trump crime family

  • SpankyHamm

    If they offered Avenatti and Daniels $5 million today, do you think they go away?

  • hucky01

    With Russia's penchant for dealing with people that cause them trouble, I can't help but wonder if Cohen will make it to his trials! Beware of people carrying umbrellas on a clear blue sky day!

  • cptUSAG

    The Judge who Republicans said would throw out Mueller's case against Manafort just issued her ruling.

    The case will go on-Manafort is finished

  • Badger Land

    That picture of Cohen represents a guy who was just told he's facing as many state charges as he is federal charges so a presidential pardon won't help....

  • AlexaGuyer

    Whatever happened to that smirking guy who was smoking cigars and laughing with his buddies on the street in NYC when the Stormy news broke? He seems to be singing a different tune in this picture. Tick tock, Mikey, your time is running out.

  • duckkdownn

    That photo of Cohen just screams, "Boss, I'd take a bullet for you".

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    can only imagine how many leaks trump and cohen have engaged in over the years

  • Truthful Opinion

    My question is why is Cohen hiding out in a hotel room and not at home with his family. I guess he don't want the kids to be spooked whenever the feds come for him.

  • lavendula38

    Cohen doesn't look as happy as he once did.