Michael Avenatti casts himself as anti-Trump avenger


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  • Pat Baxter

    Wouldn't Mr. Avenatti's opponent in 2020 be Pence (or other Trumpican)? Seems I recall Mr. Avenatti suggesting that Trump will be out of the picture long before 2020.

  • John Springer

    He has a ton of issues, tax liens 5 millions, investigation by California bar, and his wife saying he is ignoring their divorce proceedings and she wants out.

  • DEM-Castballot

    Michael Avenatti..The one guy that anti-Trump can support.The only guy that will tell Trump he's a liar.The only guy that will tell the truth and last but not least,the only guy that will bring down the orange clown if Mueller doesn't.

  • Riddler

    He's such a good lawyer his client, Stormy, will end up paying back Trump for violating the NDA. She'll sue Michael who, and he'll get disbarred.

  • AlexaGuyer

    Um, Trump could have had the opportunity to be on the networks to be interviewed too, except that Avenatti has the guts to answer questions from the press without sounding like a moron, Trump does not.

  • Marc

    They left out the part about Avenatti being investigated by the California Bar Association and may be disbarred and face prosecution for tax evasion. I'm sure this was accidentally omitted. I'm sure other liberal gossip rags will skip this as well.

  • Marie4933X6

    Avenatti might be a showboat, but he is a very clever one. This is very unlike all the parasites that surround Trump, all showboats as stupid as a tree stump in the middle of a Louisiana bayou.

  • Stopbanningme

    Thank goodness, a new article! I thought I was going to have to go five whole minutes without hearing from this guy.

  • rightened

    I want Avenetti to bring that whole dirty business about money laundering down in Palm Beach to life.

    How else does one explain Trump buying a mansion for $41M, selling it (during a real estate crisis in 2007 when everyone else is LOSING money) to a Russian Oligarch (Dmitry Rybolovlev) for $90M, and yet the sale ACTUALLY occurred via a "mysterious unnamed owner" who set up a one-time LLC in Palm Beach (hmmm, who do we know that does that?). Then it turns out that Rybolovlev not ONCE visited the property, destroyed the mansion (wasn't that the "selling point, all those renovations to "up" the property value?), and sold the land in THREE parcels for a mere $37M. That's either a big mistake and a hard real estate hit from a financial idiot (which Rybolovlev isn't, or he wouldn't be an oligarch), or the actions of a Russian in league with an ally hiding behind that LLC (who then had the ownership transferred to a trust)... and what easier way to go about money-laundering than for the current owner of a property to be in on it?

  • John Springer

    He is an attorney with 5 million in IRS liens and lavish lifestyle. Self aggrandizing , he just found a golden goose.

  • Nancy Mortenthal

    He forgot to wear his cape.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Now that Trump has officially revealed financial records showing he paid Cohen back for the hush money payment, everything Avenatti has revealed has been proven to be true.

    I wonder how he feels about exposing another of Trump's lies.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    The people who were cheering every thing single thing that came from WikiLeaks suddenly seem to have lost their admiration for leaks. I guess it sort of falls into the category of the Bible saying those who live by the sword will die by the sword. But I doubt Trumpers will learn anything from this lesson.

  • Dale Stein

    Avenatti for PRESIDENT!!!!

  • Dale Stein

    Avenatti is the greatest! Love this guy!!!!

  • poshsealion

    The jig is up on Avenatti. The information he is leaking now really does nothing to further his legal cases for Stormy Daniels, so if he is barely working in a capacity as her lawyer anymore, who is paying him for all the billable hours? And don't tell me it's from crowdfunding. He declared that his living expenses are 40K alone in his divorce papers, and since he seems to be working on this exclusively, how is he making a living? He needs to drop his charade and "come clean" (as he likes to say) on his real objective in all of this and disclose who is funding him.

  • Pedro

    Give him the role, bright, competent, good looking..

  • sixstrings

    i wonder how long it will be before some ugly revelations come out about Mr. Avenatti.