Indiana police release surveillance video from deadly ambush


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  • Jonas Blane ll

    In this War on Cops era, shouldn't this have more than 46 comments? However,we all know why that is.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Did Heather MacDonald,Rudy Giuliani,David Clarke Harry Houck go go tv and condemn Barry Newman for Targeting cops?

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Barry Freeman targeted cops to attack. yet we don't see WAR ON COPS. I wonder why?

  • paulyrat

    Nothing in the article indicates he was someone other than an every-man sport shooter. Wild. I'm mean the modern sporting rifle is a pretty amazing item, especially when you see it in the wrong context. It's just holes in paper at the range. Then you see the video of misuse in the street. Wild. I'm surprised that more private citizens didn't bring their firearms to bear.

  • Kathleen King

    Good job. Sorry about the neighbor, but this crazy gunworshiping idiot deserved what he got....

  • Russ

    What's an assault weapon?? I'm assuming it's just a weapon that someone assaults another person with. So it could be a knife or a baseball bat?

  • Mr. Savior

    Again with the guns. They're everywhere and make good people do bad things. No one is safe. Fill your bathtub and stay underwater. Breath through a tampon applicator tube. You'll be safe there. Guns don't like moisture.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    Great shooting Officer Thiry, thanks for you courage under fire. I hope you are able to recover from this quickly & return to full duty, we need good officers like you every day.

  • James R. Paris

    "Cullum said Freeman did not have a criminal history and he may have been
    intoxicated. He said the suspect's movements indicated that he was
    "looking for law enforcement targets." " Once again, someone with a semiautomatic that was not a criminal - until they were. And the NRA and its' adherents wonder why so many of us want to see better gun control laws.

  • Indy

    It's sad that the unstable / mentally unbalanced gunman ended up killing his neighbor by accident, and it's unbelievable that he didn't end up killing or even injuring a Law Enforcement Officer, since those are the only people that he really seemed to be out to injure or kill.