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  • Gltz

    He's very concerned after the fact. Where was he before this very predictable scenario? When was it last he castigated the arabs who send their own people to die for propaganda?

  • Lee Thompson

    The Pope is right. Perhaps Netanyahu and Trump should listen to the Pope.

  • Nala

    IMHO Jersulem is a holy city to 3 religions and should remain HOLY with NO politization! unless of course trump is planning on starting a modern cursades all over again and any talibangelical who is interested in "brining on the raputure" should MOVE TO ISREAL

  • OldArmy81

    Dang, who woulda thought!

  • LastSecondTakedown

    Usually the Pope is pretty spot on. But this time, saying that fighting could hurt peace...he's clearly way out of line.

  • Michael Nunez

    No One knows this Better than the Vatican , History stands in it's way . It's Possible that the Vatican is Responsible for more Destruction of People and Their Way of Life than Any Other Institution/Regime Our Planet has Ever Seen ..... !

  • JuPMod

    Big duh, Francis. Everyone can see that.