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  • Rubber Banned

    It's unfortunate that many do not abstain from exploding in crowded places during this reflective time.

  • weallhaveone

    Silly god rituals................

  • Blkhawksgrl

    and here we are to be sure to accommodate their religious beliefs... we do not send people to work sites due to the heat since they cannot or should not hydrate, employees are asked not to eat at their desk for breakfast, lunch or snacks and provide pray rooms
    BUT when we are allowed to decorate our offices for Christmas, someone had to take down the wrapping paper that covered their cubical because it said "Jesus" someone was offended and went to HR....

  • OldArmy81

    It's a pity most of them don't fast for the entire month - if they are worthy, A lla h will make certain they survive.

  • TexasVulcan

    Interesting factoid: Both Muslims and Jews use a lunar calendar. But since that does not synch up with the solar calendar (1 lunar month = 28 days), Muslim holidays migrate throughout the years. That's why Ramadan is never the same time of year.

    Jews established a "leap month" to reset the calendar every 6 years. Jewish holidays occur the same time of the year, but you vary by a month or slightly more each year before being reset.