New eruption at Hawaii Kilauea volcano prompts evacuation, produces volcanic ash cloud higher than Mount Everest


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  • John Cremer

    Why scientist are not telling anyone about how this 1 volcano is releasing as much greenhouse gasses in 1 hour as the US does in 1 day? Funny how science works, only look at facts that fits your ideals.

  • Gabriel Lau

    Multi-Learning Educational Services employees do get pay. In a matter of fact, the administrative staffs all got federal fund salary now. Some employees resigned from Government of Guam and work full time for our organization.

  • Holmes

    Reminds me of people building homes below sea level in NOLA. Now the Taxpayers are on the hook...

  • Prophet With Honor

    I live in tornado ally and accept the risk, I will ask for help when needed.

    Stand Strong.

  • Omegacron

    See, that right there is why I sold off my beach house near the slopes of Mt. Wanahakalugi. And, by the way, that shot of the guy playing golf with a huge pillar of smoke in the background... that perfectly sums up the modern culture of Hawaii.

  • Artesia

    Not good. The island wants to grow.
    Heavy price. Mother nature is in control.

  • Indie6050

    My sister in law's sister lives there, luckily she is well on the other side of the island away from the volcano and lava flows, but she is getting earthquakes though.

  • SearingTruth

    I'm confused fellow citizens.

    Volcanic ash can be quite dangerous when inhaled because much of it consists of small sharp particles that cut lung tissue. Our bodies can deal with a little of it without incident, but even moderate amounts can lead to both immediate and long term damage. And beyond that it can kill rather quickly.

    It's just mind boggling that everyone within the vicinity of this fallout hasn't been evacuated.

  • Knute

    This volcano is a real ash hole.

  • SMRT

    This eruption is far more interesting and credible than the one happening from the White House on Twitter.

  • Mark Audette

    From sea floor to summit (9,000 meters tall) Big Island is by far the largest volcano on earth. If any part of it were to collapse or slip off from a landslide the generated tsunami would be catastrophic across the entire pacific ocean.

  • Calibandawg

    Let no natural catastrophe get in the way of a good round of golf!

  • BWitched

    I have always heard Hawaiians were layed back kind of people, but the photo of the guys golfing with the volcano in the background...classic
    Stay safe Hawaiians...

  • d big

    My father-in-law was born and raised in Hawaii so I have been lucky to visit countless times, great place (every island) and great people, stay safe.

  • Ashmedai

    I love a good natural disaster.

  • E Sverdrup

    Wow, lava bomb, what a good word. Stay safe Hawaiians, stay safe.

  • JeanSC

    FYI ABC "vog"is not a portmanteau of "volcanic smog." The words it combines are "volcanic" and "fog." "Smog" was created from "smoke" and "fog."

    I complained to USGS about their use of "ballistic" in front of the rocks ejected by Kilauea. "Ballistic" refers to the science [ballistics] of trajectories taken by objects launched into the air and falling down due mainly to the pull of gravity. If there were truly a "ballistic rock" erupted by a volcano, will USGS please tell me what a non-ballistic rock is erupted by a volcano? Is Pele making lava bombs with little rockets attached and guidance systems to direct their paths?

  • Nick

    Be smart, stay safe.

  • HamburgerHelperAgain

    Awaiting for a Tweet from Trump starting with ...."To the Great people of ....

  • Kajsa Williams

    Question: do the families living immediately next to the volcano have the option of leaving? Are they stuck there because they don't have transportation to get out?