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  • Th3OnlyOn3

    I believe he does have the right to face his accusers..

  • mickey2829

    face his accusers I like that.

  • Kirby

    Why is it that politicians, especially, it seems, Republican politicians always seem to be the last ones to realize that they are out of a job? Seriously, Roy Moore dated teenage girls into his '30s and he had no idea that is career was over. The truly terrifying thing is that he STILL almost won. A person's character these days rates just BARELY higher than party affiliation, which should terrify us all.

  • mightymo

    Dear Missouri -

    Yes, I voted for this slime-ball. I was stupid - a complete idiot. And Missouri, if you never talk to me again, I will uderstand. I make no excuses for voting for this creep. The only thing I can assure you, Missouri, is that I will never vote for him ever again.

  • Stan Donovan

    Search yourself: "The Heart And The Myth Greitens stolen valor". And yes, read the comments posted by SEALs below that video.

  • James Cameron

    Missouri was going to go GOP without Greitens in the upcoming Senate race. With this moron dragging down the party... Who knows now?

  • Patriot

    Graitens, the “Basement Bandit”, a self-described “outsider” and “family values” fraud looks more like someone who might manage to give even sexual predators a bad name.

  • Patriot

    Right now it looks more like the entire state of Missouri is run by a gangster with hordes of coyote lawyers, rather than a state run by an elected official.

    Navy SEALs outed Greitens as a fraud and coward.

    Yes, he was a SEAL; however, when the call came for him to go in combat, he immediately bailed out of the SEAL Teams, faster than lightening. SEALs posted a warning video about him and his "real accomplishments". Just search: "The Heart and the Myth, Greitens stolen valor". Watch the video and read the comments below, posted by Navy SEALs.

    Greitens lied about his military service record by carefully doctoring and fabricating his stories. According to SEALs, he instigated multiple scandals while in the Navy to avoid combat (successfully). "The Heart and the Myth" video explains very well how Greitens crafted his fraudulent SEAL resume.

  • RichardBroderickJr

    Just resign, slimeball.

  • Know Mei

    Quid pro quo, attorneys for Eric Greitens, quid pro quo.