May 16, 2018, 12:54 PM ET

Speaker Ryan declares 'obvious' answer to 'Laurel v. Yanny' viral debate


Unprompted, House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to settle the country’s latest social controversy Wednesday, declaring the answer to the viral debate between “Laurel” and “Yanny” a no-brainer.

“I'd like to declare something that is just so obvious: it is Laurel and not Yanny,” Ryan told reporters at a news conference in the Capitol on Wednesday morning. “All right? Come on!”

Like the 2015 hullabaloo splitting social media between competing visual interpretations of “the dress,” the latest dispute prompts a variety of responses.

Attempting to reinforce his platform, the Wisconsin Republican then pressed reporters to visually signal their support for “Laurel.”

“How many laurel fans here? Huh?” Ryan asked, raising his own hand in search of harmony. “It's amazing. It's just the craziest thing.” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, standing behind Ryan, shook his head in disagreement.

“Someone heard Laurel?” McCarthy, R-Calif., said incredulously.

News - Speaker Ryan declares 'obvious' answer to 'Laurel v. Yanny' viral debate

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  • soupgoblin

    I've tried it several times on 3 different speaker formats...

    Listening to it on my high end, 5.1 digital DOLBY audio set up at very low volume it sounds like "Yanny", listening to it with the volume at higher volume it sounds like "Laurel".

    Listening to it on my enhanced Creative Labs USB spatial headphones it sounds like "Laurel"

    Listening to it with the cheap, 3 watt, tinny, HDMI speakers on my TV/monitor it sounds like "Yanny"

    My conclusion is that the people that hear "Yanny" have crappy speakers with no low frequency bass ability

  • poultrygeist