Cohen mentioned in Trump's annual financial disclosure report


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  • Independent

    So - is trump admitting he paid Stormey or is he still lying.

  • brian nrndss

    it is filed under: things wife will not do

  • ruelph

    A day late and a dollar short.

  • kritikosman

    Did it mention being thrown under a bus too?

  • Ray

    Wait, was just a "scrivener's error". That explains the fifth, sixth or seventh time this story has changed dramatically.

  • Ron Hedman

    Hitler has them. Charles Manson had them. Jim Jones had them. And Trump has them. The Followers that were sucked into their leaders twisted beliefs. Happily following them into the bowels of hell.

  • Stephen Bishop

    So, the guy has a flair for the ladies, look at all he's done for America. Oh wait....

  • darthhillbilly

    Lying opens Trump up to prosecution by the DOJ. Now Mueller can subpoena all of Trumps financials. If he does or not...different story.

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    Trumps legacy will be the new age of enlightenment. He has brought about a Renaissance of political activism not seen since 1968... I haven't had this much fun since Nixon.

  • kritikosman

    Tax Returns!! #showemsucka #Liarinchief

  • Ward Cleaver

    Watchdog groups can scrutinize until the cows come home. Until the Republicans are wiling to grow a set, nothing will come of it...not a thing.

    Spineless cowards.

  • IT-Worker-Since-1990

    I just read something interesting. Guilani claims that Trump GAVE his campaign $100 million. If you look at the paperwork that was filed by the campaign, it was LOANED to the campaign and he has taken donations to the campaign as repayment to the loans.

    I wonder what he has done with all the money left over from the inauguration. I wouldn't be too surprised if that has made its way into the Trump Organization's coffers or into Donnie Boy's pockets.

  • paul miller

    Its time this lying scum bag of a human being be removed from the highest office in the United States, take all of his lying family and friends and get the hell out. This is a country not a private corporation that can be played with and abused the way this fool is doing. Can all the republicans too that are just sitting back and doing nothing they have to go too.

  • Dale Stein

    When do we get the tax returns?

  • MAGreenA

    Lyin' Donald, hypocrite too. Read about McCarthy and all of the lies he told. They are like two peas in a pod.

  • JB210

    So, was Trump lying last year when he 'omitted to include' the 'loan' from Cohen? Or was he lying when he denied knowing anything about it in April? Or was he lying then, and still lying when he says the entire 'porn star tryst and payoff' didn't happen? Perhaps a better question is - When has Trump not been lying?

    Now watch all the Trump fanatics make excuses for his lying, his affair, his payoff, and his corruption and lack of morals. Excuses, willfull ignorance, an aggressive pride that "liberals" are upset (well yes, it does upset me that our president is a lying adulterer, should it somehow not?) and the continuing approval of Trump despite how he's stealing from them, cheating on them, and hurting their own futures. Is being a Trump supporter some kind of sign of mental delusions? Sure couldn't prove otherwise from the comments here...

  • Top shelf

    More evidence that Trump has been lying scum this entire time. When his lying reaches a point that he's convicted of felony obstruction of justice, the United States will finally start to emerge from his stench.

  • thebobbob

    Remember, Trump insisted that Stormy didn't happen. Fake News folks!

  • Penelope Justice

    Delete this again and I will put it again!!

  • John Galt

    From Fox: Mueller will follow DOJ guidelines saying sitting president can’t be indicted, Giuliani says. Laughing, Rudy says Trump is as guilty as hell for sooo many crimes but he will not be indicted. How cool is that???

  • Red Hawk

    Attached to the filing is a letter from the acting director of Office of Government Ethics to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which notes that Trump’s payment to Cohen is included in today’s filing as a liability.-- Walter Shaub has said the very fact Ethics referred the payment back to Rosenstien is evidence of a crime.

  • J P

    A storm is coming Donald!

  • John Galt

    So either Sarah Huckleberry lies or Sarah is lied too. I guess she doesn't mind it either way, she just likes getting it.

  • IT-Worker-Since-1990

    How much do you want to bet that he wouldn't have disclosed this if Stormy Daniels hadn't come forward?

  • Truthfully

    Was this amended from last years??
    So SWAMPY, So STINKY......


  • John Szulewski

    Jared must have filled it out for him, and as to the massive $151,000 figure? What a joke, on us of course

  • dustyrivers ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    "Rudy Giuliani, told the New York Times that Cohen was paid $460,000 or $470,000 in total"
    So $130K went to Stormy. Can't wait to hear how the remaining $330K-$340K was spent....

  • Steven E

    I wonder when this was added, and if the repayment had not become public knowledge whether it would have been included at all. It does cause the problem that its going to be difficult to change the story again, when further jeopardy arises from the current version of the fact.

  • shelterresq

    Better leave that Nobel Peace Prize on the shelf for awhile...

  • RZC

    It's going to take a super computer pretty soon to keep track of Trump's lie's , it and he are a disgrace.
    How long can Pinocchio's nose get ?

  • John Galt

    So now we know Trump paid Stormy for having unprotected sex with her, and for her not to talk about it. That means peeing Russian prostitutes while in Russia is not that far fetched. I would imagine by the end of the week, Trump will admit to that too. His supporters don't care.

  • John Galt

    LOl, it should have been in last year's filing. Oh ya, there's lot's of missing financial transactions that should have been, could have been and eventually will be put into financial disclosures.

  • Misha

    Can you say Campaign Donations Fraud?

  • poshsealion

    The trouble with paying a blackmailer is that they will always be back for more when the money runs out.

  • notagain

    $151k in foreign profits? Don't you just love creative finance?

  • joe m

    trump should report all the bribes he's received through Cohen.

  • Birmingham Jail Cell

    I wish I could say I am shocked that Trump is the most immoral, dishonest, corrupt and inept President in American history.

    But that would be a sniveling little lie just like the ones that Trump tells every day.

  • joe m

    trump and his family are in it for the power and bribes, they're raking it in.

  • John Galt

    Melania knew he made the payments, right after she went in to be tested for diseases one might get if their husband had unprotected sex with Porn Stars, Playboy Models, and peeing Russian prostitutes.