Social media adviser to Roger Stone hit with special counsel subpoenas


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  • PaulCrozer

    Next to Trump, Stone is the crookedest crook in the crook pot.

  • Rodney Bayburn

    Collusion is starting look clearer and clearer. Stone was talking to Russian intelligence hackers and to Wikileaks. The Russians look like they own trump financially too. The trump admin looks more and more like just another Russian operation.

  • Blue Wave

    The wheels on the bus keep falling off, falling off, falling off....

  • adamrussell

    ‘I believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other investigations of the matter to an end. One year of Watergate is enough.’
    Richard Nixon

  • Timehascome

    I heard somewhere that it was "3 Subpoenas"--------
    1 for the guy that runs the Tanning Booth that Stone hibernates/lives at. They've got a few questions for him too!!

  • Youcan'thandlethetruth

    Roger Stone needs to be removed from his pedestal.

  • Baa

    Where are the comments that Mueller needs to wrap this up since he hasn't found anything?

  • Michael McCall

    Hey? Before Roger Stone Is #LockHimUp....I Just Wanna Say He Looks Like A Sad Old Muppet.

  • CantStoptheSignalMal

    When Mueller interviews/subpoenas everyone around you and doesn't talk to you at all... UT OH!

  • YouMayBanMeButYouCan'tBanIdeas

    That's a lot of people involved in a matter of no substance where no one did anything wrong or even noteworthy.

  • Sir Real

    That nothing-burger keeps dripping over everything.

  • Benedict Donald T.A.B.A

    trust me, it will soon be stone's time in the barrel.

  • Fatesrider

    Stone is probably facing sedition charges, in addition to other things having to do with campaign fraud and such.

    If this investigation takes this traitor to every American value down as well, I'm good with that.

    But it would be ironic if it's Meuller who gets the credit for draining the swamp, and eradicating the overpopulation of reptiles that have infested it as of late...

  • mtntrek3

    Whaat? Who would've thunk it?

  • rightened

    From August 2016: "(The GOP is) dropping the same stinky pre-election innuendoes Donald Trump is spreading nationally. Trump, of course, is happy to share. He has added his voice to the GOP chorus of concern about the 4th Circuit ruling’s effect on North Carolina. Apparently the door is now open for evil Democrats to surf a wave of illegitimate black votes to victory. They’ll just repay the favor later with free government goodies, right? Isn’t that what passes for sophisticated analysis inside the Limbaugh-Breitbart-Fox News bubble?

    "If that passes the smell test for you, it’s just a short walk to Trump confidante Roger Stone’s neighborhood. He’s pushing talk of civil disorder, a “bloodbath,” even for blocking a President-elect Hillary Clinton’s inauguration ceremony, should the election prove “rigged” against the real estate mogul. He told Breitbart he wants to see Trump keep pushing this kind of talk as we move toward the election."

    Lovely, huh? And it was the DEMOCRATIC party that was enduring the election-rigging.

  • otm861

    Noose getting tighter, circle getting smaller.

  • rightened

    Not just one subpoena. Two. Hmmm.

  • kritikosman

    He's a Stone cold crook! #lookathim

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    So the $64,000 Question is: "Did Stone get the Emails directly from the Russians and it was he who passed them on to WikiLeaks? Or of course, is he the talented hacker himself.

    More Russian connections with Trump and his henchmen. But I'm sure it is just a coincidence.
    A Trumpian coincidence of course.

  • JohnC

    Stone himself has yet to be interviewed suggesting he is considered a very key person that they expect to indict. Now they build the case so they know all the answers when they do finally interview him.

  • @ Clown Parade

    Karma may visit the dirty trickster. He deserves to go out paying his debt to society.

  • katerant

    'In an interview with ABC News Wednesday, Stone confirmed that he employed Sullivan “for a couple of months” during Trump’s presidential campaign.'

    I'm sure he was just the coffee boy.