US surgeon general helps sick passenger on flight


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  • Me again

    Thank God for doctors.

  • Thomas

    Looks like he was flying in Coach class as government officials should.

    Any questions, Mr. Pruitt?

  • Kalinysta

    No, he's not THE Doctor - that's the alien Gallifreyan who rides around in a time machine that looks like a 1960's Police Box. He's THE Surgeon General. :)

  • brian nrndss

    that is the way med. should

  • Pits


  • ohyes2011

    Glad a doc was there. But why the tweet from the doc? Can't we all do good stuff without tweeting about it?

  • Kaboom Nik

    Great story... Waiting for Trump to claim credit or somehow get his name into the story... "I appointed him... this only happened because of me..."

  • C Williams


  • ToothyGrinn

    That must have cost him a fortune!