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  • Beau Bowlan

    I think trump is giving animals a bad name no animal is as sick as MS13

  • Mike

    He was clearly responding to a sheriff who said they can't deport MS13 members unless they meet certain criteria. You are LITERALLY lying about his remarks. But please continue to do it. You're defending MS13 gang members, you defend Hamas, and you liken the NRA to a terrorist organization. You're just writing his reelection victory speech for him.

  • Adrian Reyes

    ABCs new name should be: All Barack Channel or Anything But Christian. These guys are on the same level as Yahoo news.

  • Adrian Reyes

    Oooops...Looks like he was talking about gang members after all. Thanks ABC news for yet more misinformation and then taking this story off the main news thread. I had to search for this story to respond to it.