2 stranded hikers, incapacitated dog rescued with firefighter's personal drone


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  • Franny Ward

    Sorry, but it's called a Compass.

  • unusual

    Good job rescuing everyone, including the dog. They all deserve special treats tonight.

  • Indy

    The rescue of the old pup is what made this tale of misadventure very special to read for myself. We've been coexisting and working together for thousands of years now, so canines are incredibly special and worthy of our help whenever possible, this is just in my opinion. I value and love Pups and Kids above all.

  • highway_99

    What a bunch of great guys to take turns carrying that dog out. Dogs deserve it.

  • Kathleen King

    Great job. Stupid hikers! Dogs, especially older dogs, cannot shed heat since they do not sweat through their skins. All the stupid, really stupid, joggers and hikers who take their dogs "with" them to be "together" are simply cruel. They carry water bottles. but once the urea starts to build in a dog's tissue, there is nothing except a fast cool off in an ice bath or other outside source and manual hydration with fluids. This condition is called "tying up" by laymen and also affects other animals, including horses. People, kill yourselves to be healthy, but leave your dog at home.

  • Pits

    Awesome story. So glad the rescuers valued the dog enough to carry it to safety. Every life is worth it.