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  • lambimt

    Schools should be run like a business. Great teachers should be paid well, bad teachers should be fired. If someone does not like the deal then they can find something else to do. In my business I reward productive employees with great pay, I reward unproductive employees with an opportunity to work somewhere else.

  • Educated

    This is smart for these teachers to do this. Republicans don't want teachers to be a political entity. They want them to be overworked so they can't be politically involved. Teachers across the country are underpaid and undervalued.

  • MickC

    The difference between teacher anger and general voter anger is that teachers represented a well-educated, hard-working, organized group who will actually continue their efforts right through the elections instead of the usual short-memory result of the general population that loses its steam by election time.
    The teachers will organize to have people at EVERY polling station for the entire time the polls are open. They will advertise.
    Once, my county elected a new county executive who hired his wife, a 3x the salary of the person he fired to create the position for her, and then tried to cheat the teachers time and again, once by trying to change the contractually agreed health insurance to a much poorer alternative at only a very slightly cheaper price: apparently kickback-related.
    The teachers were outraged and out in force at the next election and he was tossed out of office and never again was elected to anything.
    So if you're an elected official in states that are against your low paid teachers who average spending $700/year out of their own pockets because not enough materials are provided to teach the kids, I'd be careful what I said or did.

  • Hank R

    Is it possible that spending more money isn't the answer?

  • Me again

    I am not going to pay more taxes to fund public schools when I don't even use the system. My kids will not be indoctrinated in those shameful schools. Disgusting the agenda they are trying to push onto kids these days.

  • katerant

    Republican politicians don't care about education. They care about getting more dollars into the top2%. They are behind the assault on knowledge and facts and think it works to their advantage. An ignorant, uneducated, desperate populace is vulnerable to brainwashing, as we have seen this past election cycle.

  • Slavin Rose

    The GOP doesn't care about teaching kids. They'll just throw them into the privatized prisons when they go bad from lack of education and opportunities, padding their investment accounts even more.

  • brian nrndss

    All of American teachers should strike for better pay

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    I can't wait for Trumper comments about why money doesn't guarantee good education and that is why they will never vote to increase education budgets. It certainly does prove that they got a public education in a red state, doesn't it?

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    So teachers finally woke up? I'll believe that in Nov. If they voted GOP, then they truly haven't woken up because the GOP will never raise taxes to fund govt services adequately. They can't because they know they would lose too many simple minded voters.

    Remember the last Republican president who raised taxes because it was the right thing to do? Most Republicans have still not forgiven Bush I for that.

  • LastSecondTakedown

    Single issue politicians

  • Technophile

    A well educated populous benefits everyone however it comes at a financial cost, a cost many families are unwilling to pay. That being said America is behind when it comes to preparing our kids for a robotic/AI led future, something China
    Is rigerously preparing their kids for. They know automation is the future and who ever writes the software to drive that future will rule the world. Golden ages are built on the backs of disposable labor, and robotic AI is the perfect type of disposable labor

  • DEM-Castballot

    The solution to pollution in Congress and our State government is at the polls.
    Republicans are in it for the ",me,me.What's in it for me".
    Education is the key to our savior of this Country.Get out the vote!