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  • nth

    Why is this a news story?

  • Kathy Hudson

    Oh well, I was working all weekend and only read this story when I couldn't respond in the moment. I'm devastated by it. Hope someone reads my comments. Peace to all.

  • Kathy Hudson

    The fact that this story isn't getting more coverage is what saddens me the most. If this girl had been a Canadian, this would be getting worldwide coverage. Our neighbors to the south are living in abject poverty and violence. Any able bodied thinking human being would try to cross a border illegally to escape from that reality- even the commenters who apparently think they would obey the law no matter what circumstances they or their families faced. Borders are scars on our planet. Jesus said Love thy Neighbor. Welcoming the poor is exactly the thing Christianity preaches. The US has abundant resources and we are gobbling up the ones outside our borders as well and our past actions are certainly relevant in this discussion. The US infiltrated Central America with arms and supported brutal dictators who practiced genocide. To think this has nothing to do with the situation today is simpleminded. The immigration issue is not black and white but highly complex and layered. The truth is we are all going to die one day....do we want to die killing our neighbors or trying to help them? What has happened to our humanity? Our morals? When we defend an armed guard agains an unarmed 20 year old woman? Would we be more horrified if she had a child with her? I doubt it. We Americans are the same people who smashed Native Americans infant's heads against trees and separated slaves from their children. We are doing the same today with the undocumented. We are not a great nation unless we do great things....like standing up for human rights and being fearless in doing what's right. Let's stop being afraid of loosing what we have - and realize we have a lot to share. WWJD to you who call yourselves Christian.

  • Dr. B

    It is sad but she was breaking the law. She does not have right to enter US without a visa. The agent is not at fault.

  • Jester

    I “love” the bias ABC is showing by adding quotes to the word ILLEGAL. Perhaps if the people wishing to enter this country went about it the LEGAL way, none of this would have happened, regardless of what the circumstances were behind the shooting.

  • rsdw45

    She should have stayed south of the border.

  • Jake the real Jake

    Trump the divider stirring up hate for immigrants has blood on his hands also for this senseless murder no doubt!

  • l8foranarchy

    Boo F'n Hoo Illegal says it all.

  • tim buktu

    You sneak into our house without permission and then you cry when you get shot? Pathetic.

  • tim buktu

    Bottom line. This girl was breaking the law and obviously had no regard for the law. How can people like this blame anyone for getting hurt while committing a crime? And how can these people expect us to welcome people with such disregard for the law and our country. Truly ridiculous

  • George286

    A shame, RIP but blame for it? The situation could be 'attacked' agent, blunt objects maybe, or just refused to comply, the facts will have to come out. But I have certainly had enough of these endless incidents where 'victims' are held blameless for some chaotic and dangerous situation they themselves created. It is nobody's fault that the cold reality is that violence is not and never has been completely manageable, just best practices, it is not the choreograph that sheltered people see on television, it is 14 things going on at once, no rules, any of them can be lethal. That and it is death to lose control over one's weapon, death as sure as being shot with someone else's gun, no one is going to allow it to be taken from them

    For some reason many people still believe resisting arrest or is no more serious than playing keep-away or a dog catching a Frisbee, if they do that they are presumed to be the cause not some victim. Again though, a shame and the facts will have to come out. Beyond that she was committing and crime and resisting so at this stage of understanding please put a sock it in.

  • Steve20009

    They were very likely wanting to rush past the officer. The ego's of many of them are too large thinking they are coming after them. No, they rushed to get PAST you.

  • foereel

    You would think these people would be trying to break into Norway, instead. It's social welfare system, culture, standard of living, education system and happiness ratings are far superior to those of America. At least that's what I've heard.

  • reality25

    The border patrol agent backpedaled away from his original story and now there's an eyewitness to the event? Hopefully justice will be served.

  • my2cts

    It's quite simple. Enter the country "Legally". I know, isn't that just CRAZY!

  • rontron

    Maybe if the word would get to these countries this is not the way to emigrate these scenarios would not be happening. The US should consider posting advertising in these countries that illegal immigration is not acceptable.

  • Martiros ,

    Build that wall.

  • Artesia

    We are loosing our humanity.