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  • bibleexpert

    Money, money, money. That's all Trump ever thinks about (except Ivanka).

  • Joshua

    What do you say to a Canadian PM with a black eye?

    Nothing, Trump already talked to him.

  • My two cents

    We get it Trump. You want Ivanka to look at you the way she looks at Trudeau. LOL

  • whitepine

    We could save millions if Trump would actually work and quit playing golf.

  • beingcurious

    "Navarro seemed to apologize for the remarks on Tuesday." Reminds me of the "If I did anything wrong..." apology.

  • RG

    Vengeful little man, isn't he?

  • Ron Hedman

    Trump expects our Allies to cower down to him like his cabinet does. How do you suppose he would have responded if Trudeau or any other of our Allie leaders had started with the immature name calling directed at Trump first? In the first place, Trudeau and none of our Allie leaders would resort to that. They all have more class in their baby fingers than Trump has in his whole orange body! All this meeting did, was to legitimize Kim as a World power. Not one solid agreement about anything. Not one shred of evidence that anything was accomplished, other than for the first time a sitting American President met with a North Korean dictator. I have a hard time believing there will be anymore meetings face to face between the two leaders or that anything beneficial was accomplished. Trump has proven that there are dangerous flaws in the armor of the American Constitution and in our Bill of Rights, and he capitalises on it everyday that he's in office. After only eighteen months of Trump in office, America is fast becoming unrecognizable. If all of our Allies unite against us in a trade war, or worse; our economy will collapse or at least take such a Giant hit that we may struggle for years to recover from it, if ever.

  • MauiOhana808

    donnie is shoving us closer to a recession............bigger than the one that hit us in 2007!!!!!
    Make America Happy Again!!!
    Thank you Special Prosecutor Mueller!!!!
    Aloha :^D

  • Stephen Bishop

    "I'm gonna slap your face and if you fight back, you'll be sorry". Does that sound like a World leader?

  • Millard Farquar

    Really? The comment was very benign. This is the way a true bully responds.

  • UnaMasYup

    This regime has given carte blanche to its people to shoot from the hip and worry about consequences later. And the Republicans love it.

  • Nearl45 61

    I’m sure Trump’s arrogance won’t cost us a thing.

  • doubledouble

    So don gets pushback over the weekend, gets his feelings hurt, then responds like a child with a hurt ego rather than doing what a real leader would do, which is putting his country’s needs first.
    The US and its citizens will suffer in a trade war with Canada, make no mistake, as Canada is the largest balanced trading partner with the US (its not close) and as well as being a large ready made trading partner, the US has an 8.2 billion trade surplus with Canada - BTW the dairy exports are only a tiny fraction of total trade.
    The fact that imports and exports between the two countries even out on such a large scale means millions of jobs on both sides. But of course don wants to mess with that.
    But back to my point. Don is not acting in the best interests of his country here. Far from it. By threatening to “ make Canada pay.” as a result of his bruised ego, many Americans will be simply out of work, farmers, auto workers and the trickle down.
    This is nothing short of sabotage of the American economy and the American people for personal motive, Congress needs to say enough is enough, and put a stop to this rather than continuing to enable this man child.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Translation: Trudeau hurt my widdle feelings, so I am going to punish Canada and many Americans economically.

  • TexWho

    More likely that Trump's trade wars are going to cost Americans their livelihoods.

  • justmeanddog

    Is anybody else tired of listening to Trump repeat himself over and over. This is usually a sign of insecurity or a sign that you don't think the other person is smart enough to get your point the first time. Or maybe both.

  • Renate

    If your a communist like Vlad or a dictator like Kim, you have trumps undying loyalty and respect. Otherwise....you're done.

  • RRbane

    DTrump speaks and tweets like a bully...oh well he made his way to the presidency as a bully!

  • Dark Mather


  • Juggles

    874 days, 8 hours and 13 minutes to go.......

  • Tricky Bob

    I don't think Mr. Fake President Trump understands who is in the drivers seat.

    United States = Biggest debtor nation in the world.

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government had a $147 billion budget
    deficit in May, an increase of 66 percent from the same month last year
    as the ledger took a hit from declining revenue and higher spending,
    according to Treasury Department data released on Tuesday.

    And with interest rates on the rise the cost to service all that debt is going up...that you can count on.

  • Rodney Bayburn

    What a feckless buffoon. Kow-Tow toniur enemies like a pet monkey, and wreck our relationships with our friends. Yuck.

  • BD70

    Trump is punishing Canada for criticizing him? That is how Trump treats countries? Punish them for saying something he doesn't like? Now we know how he will bully other countries.

  • drathvedar

    Never forget Trump is the same guy who made fun of McCain for being a POW. That's his true self.

  • D Marie

    Wahhh....Trudeau didn't kiss Trump's backside as was his due. So now he pouts and bullies. I have lost a lot of respect for many of my fellow Americans who voted for and still support this whiny tyrant.

  • Sarah

    So he name calls/bullies and it's ok. Yet, when he is called out he lashes out?

  • joe schlag

    Trudeau said something Trump didn't like and now a lot of Canadians are going to pay for it? OK.

  • Jukka-Emil Vanaja

    Trying your hardest to bully Canada, huh... I guess it follows suit. Among the allies of the US, Canada would be the single hardest friend to wedge away and alienate, so of course they'd get special treatment. I just can't believe so many Americans actually directly desire this, as if trying to treat friends as subjects or even possessions was some form of 'winning'. What kind of parents does it take to raise such an adult?

  • snake

    Yep! It was a friendly G7 meeting according to Trump so don't believe your lying eyes when you look at the photos or lying ears when you hear the comments from the other participants. Just believe Trump and Faux News.

  • Truth-B-Me

    Trump likes Putin and Kim but hates his allies. You know, like the Canadians that stood and died with Americans during WW1, WW2, Afganistan etc. and the American people and the Republicans think that's okay???? The Republicans still enable and support this embarrassment to America???

  • sixstrings

    so now we're going to start making foreign policy based on who offends Trump?

    god forbid other countries base their foreign policy on who he offends.

  • drathvedar

    So, it's "going to cost him a lot of money" Shows what Trump's priorities are. Always about money.

  • Jim Botto

    What criticism is Trump even talking about? I've watched Trudeau's remarks a few times and he said nothing offensive.