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  • Colinalcarz

    If Minnesota does not have sovereign immunity, the parents of the victimized children should sue the state for allowing this high speed chase.

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    Situations like this are EXACTLY WHY most departments have a policy against high-speed chases. Too many cops refuse to follow that policy because they can't stand the thought of someone "getting away" and being arrested at home by some other glory-hog.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Habitual criminals like this have no place in civilized society. Time to lock him up for good.

  • Tomas Pajaros

    was just release a couple months ago from Fargo in DUI + driving on suspended. Why we let criminals out to hurt more people? What was so bad about the old "law and order" days when your children were safe to play in the parks? Why we let criminals out to hurt more people? Start voting for candidates who will do something.

  • Bertd

    You read down through it and what do you see ..... Lengthy criminal record and lots of run ins with police. As it is this guy was out on bail for a case of speeding (75MPH) and driving without a license from .... 2 1/4 years ago. It's about time we get the perpetual losers off the streets.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    We can only hope these tiny little kids all recover fully & soon, & some sense of peace of mind is able to surround the family. I hope they give the guy responsible for this tragedy the maximum possible.

  • poultrygeist

    They should make new cars so that police can remotely disable them and end these high speed chases. Hope the babies make it through without permanent injuries.

  • carrollfamily

    Praying that the children survive.

  • Siestasis42

    Having just last week taken my 2 year old granson to the local park I really feel for the families of those poor little kids. I certainly hope they survive. What a horrible person that driver is. Throw the book at him and make sure there are parents and grandparents on his jury.

  • Sunshine1229

    I hope those babies survive. My heart breaks for the grandmother and their parents. They just wanted to enjoy a day at the park.