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  • JuPMod

    Just great. Now companies can trademark colors. I know there are certain shades of a particular color, yet IMO, this is silly. It's not like these companies actually *invented* the colors, right?

  • bibleexpert

    Sometimes it seems like shoes have more rights than humans.

  • Publius2k

    "The court said that it did not matter that its shoes were different in shape. It said the registration of the trademark 'sought solely to protect that application of a colour to a specific part of that product.'"

    This is yet more legal idiocy from insular EU asylum. Coating part of a product with a standard color alone - with NO logo or TM notification on it - now is enough to be a product trademark? Other manufacturer's now will have a field day - especially Apple with its "trademark" white products.

  • sixstrings

    how the hell do women wear shoes like that...seems like it would be like wearing some kind of medieval torture device.

  • Eva

    Best shoes ever.

  • 80HD

    But what shade of red/black?