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  • Brian Cooper

    thjis isnt about guns... PULSE was about a HOMOPHOBIC Muslim fanatic declaring the murders to ISIS in realtime while on the phone with the police!!!!!! PULSE shooting is the best example of why we have the 2nd amendment... We all have the natural right to defend ourselves from crazy people.. Shame on you leftists trying to appropriate this tragedy and trying to use it.... you are GHOULS..

  • Joshua

    A very sad day.

  • SpankyHamm

    I remember waking up and hearing the news and they were reporting that there were a handful of deaths, maybe as high as a dozen that were dead with 30-40 more injured. And then they held the press conference and announced...50 dead (including the shooter) and I was just stunned.

    But with each successive mass shooting, I'm becoming less and less stunned. I hear about a shooting now in a school or at some place of business and now I just wait and expect to hear the worst. They announce "possible fatalities" or "an unknown number of victims" and I immediately go to "well, probably dozens dead...again".

    It's not a place I want to be at mentally...but here we are.

  • Samuel Ryan

    Is it still to soon?

  • MauiOhana808

    NRA values semi-automatic guns over children,s and peoples lives.........
    How sad they are!!!
    Make America Happy Again!
    Aloha :^o