Trump and Kim's Singapore summit: Sizing up the winners and losers


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  • jimrussell

    Quick Question, after Kim snookered Dumb Donny into canceling our joint military exercises with South Korea without South Korea’s knowledge, just how many of our oldest and most dependable allies has Dumb Donny ambushed, betrayed, or slapped in the face just this week? And why is Valdy smiling as he slips those Dirty Donny pictures back in his top drawer?

  • Forward forward

    NK people (-1). Things won't get worse, but we had the chance to stand up for them and didn't.
    Kim (+3). The US president legitimized him on the world stage. The US president gave up our military preparedness exercises. Kim got all of this and gave up nothing. The fact that he got played by Kim is a wash. His followers don't care, the rest of us expected it.
    Trump (+2). Like Kim, he got his photo op for his followers. Plus he laid the groundwork for Trump Tower Pyongyang.
    US people (-5) We legitimized a brutal thug on the world stage. Our president was badly 'played' by that cheap thug. We gave up military preparedness exercises with an ally in a volatile region. We looked weak and without the moral compass that the world expects from us. This was a week where the US president treated a brutal thug dictator with more respect than he he treated our closest ally, Canada. Let that one sink in for a minute......
    The world (-3) Brutal thug dictator Kim was legitimized the the US president. Our allies realize we are unreliable. Our adversaries realize we are morally unmoored and weak.

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    The next President, whether Democratic or Republican, is going to do exactly the same thing to any NK deal that Trump did to the Iran deal. In fact the day that Trump leaves office the incoming President will do everything in his power to wipe all traces of Trump from the Presidency. They will make the following proclamation:

    Let the name of Trump be stricken from every book and tablet. Stricken from every pylon and obelisk of the world. Let the name of Trump be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of man, for all time

  • TexWho

    I got a little question:

    Trump keeps using the phrase "verifiable denuclearization of North Korea".
    Kim and DPNK keep using the phrase "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".
    BIGLY Difference

    Does the latter translate to 'no US nuclear powered aircraft carriers or submarines or vessels carrying nuclear arms are to be allowed in Korean waters? If the answer is yes does that mean 3 miles or 200 miles?'

  • Debra

    Kim won. He was lavished with publicity and attention, gaining some legitimacy and normalization on the world stage. Singapore even paid for his stay! A brutal tyrant and murderer, he faced no questions about human rights. He also got Trump to end the "war games", something he has wanted for a long time.
    Trump got played, gave in to his vanity and other weaknesses, and lost. He got nothing but a paper promise from Kim. Kim and NK have made and broken such promises before. Trump called Kim honest, trustworthy, and said that his people love him, showing the world how clueless he truly is about the situation in the region.

  • Summer Tyme

    Kim is the winner.
    America is the loser.