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  • USGP

    The author exaggerates. The "old" policy, known as The Flores Agreement, stated that children were to be kept in the "least restrictive manner possible". It also stated that the children were to be placed with a relative, a sponsor, or in licensed care facility, in that order. It had nothing to do with how their parents were processed. It's far more moral to NOT keep children in federal detention facilities for the weeks or months that it takes for the parent's case to be resolved. What they actually want is for anyone who crosses the border to be immediately released with no questions, no background check, no examination into whether they have a legitimate claim for asylum. Just because they crossed the border with a child, who may or may not be theirs.

  • The Truth Hurts

    Party of "Family values" my arse.

  • Laura Ann

    The Democrats can't reverse Net Neutrality but they think they have the power to reverse Jeff Sessions law to separate the family's of Illegal immigrants? Democrats don't have any power and can't sort themselves out but they think they can sway a few Republican's to bend in their direction on this case? LOL! I'd love to see them try.

  • Laura Ann

    I agree with Jeff Sessions stop allowing illegal immigrants to abuse the asylum card by stating they are freeing from some gang member or an abusive relationship. Illegal immigrants are flat out lying and using these excuses to get into the country. What should happen is Trump should sit down with Mexico's President and brain storm some ideas to get Mexico in order. If that means America sending in troops to clean up Mexico or collecting every illegal immigrant in America and shipping them back over the boarder and releasing them in front of Mexico's Presidents house. Another idea America should consider is barring tourism into Mexico because Tourism is Mexico's bread and butter. Let Mexico's President know that he will be ending American Tourism if he doesn't work out a solution to get the drug cartel in check. That means, Mexico's President need to sit down with his Country's officials and put together a harsher sentences of gang members and leaders that includes the death penalty too. If Mexico start sentencing these drug leaders to death then that would get everyone else in line. And after Mexico start jailing and killing off these drug lords they can then set fire to every poppy plant and drug den in the Country. If Mexico's President had the nerve and spine to do any of these things Mexican's would stop sneaking into America. Also, maybe create a bill that states any women who enters the United States illegally and gives birth child will not be recognized as American. Period.

  • Citizen

    Easy way to fix is to send them back across border with their parents then we're not paying for any of them to be in our country illegally it's ridiculous that the kids get left in the US to be raised by tax dollars