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  • Summer Tyme

    re: and the ultimate recognition of the North Korean regime.....

    Was that supposed to be whispered or in fine print?

  • Debra

    So, it was a "historic" meeting, with lots of publicity and photo ops. The world's most brutal dictator, with a horrible human rights record, now feels "honored" by the US President, gained legitimacy and accolades, had his trip paid for by Singapore, and looks normalized now in the world's eyes. Trump said Kim was trustworthy, honest, and his people love him!! Win for Kim.
    We gave up drills in SK, without even telling SK! We got a "promise" from Kim, with nothing else and no guarantee (something other US leaders also attained before NK reneged). Trump gained praise, attention, flattery, and more massaging of his huge ego.
    Not sure this is any better than the Iran deal that Trump hates, or the improved relationship with Cuba that Trump also criticized Obama for. SMH.

  • concernedvoter

    Crooks will always find a way to work together to Rip everyone off before they turn on themselves.. LOL