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  • DK1

    I can only imagine if Obama had called the military drills with SK "provocative" and "inappropriate"! The right wingers would have attacked him viciously for being "anti-military" and opposed to "ensuring our safety". There is nothing provocative or inappropriate about having DEFENSIVE military drills with a close ally in response to an overtly aggressive and threatening neighboring country. "Provocative" and "inappropriate" applies to NK's actions and words, not anyone else's.

  • subtext9

    When they finally connected by phone, South Korean President Moon Jae-in let Donald Trump know just how upset he was, lamenting: "I thought you said I was your Seoul mate."

  • Wayne Tracker

    trump's dismissive attitude to the subject of preparation for the meeting tells us he went into it with plans to hand north korea plenty of concessions without expecting much in return.

  • mik8888

    Ironically, joint exercises have always been an important method for allied forces to work together, with different equipment and capabilities...in one moment of mouthism, Donald has proposed eliminating an important part of allied readiness...he is always talking about enormous costs, so why doesn't he stop the building of new fangled ships and planes that have proven to not even work as designed...

  • Ron Jones

    @cudagirl: I wouldn't worry about joint exercises being rescinded. As everyone knows, Trumpie will change his mind at some point, and then, IT'S BOMBS AWAY ! But if China gets angry, watch out. Essentially, it will be World War Three, thanks to Donald J. Trump. What a disgraceful leader !

  • cudagirl

    So the "Art Dealer" got his photo op, America got nothing and Kim something he wanted. And Kim got patted on the back for being a "terrific" guy, very smart, just terrific! Since when has Trump ever worried about spending money! So we shut down the exercises and our troops' readiness gets rusty. This is what we get for letting this arrogant fool deal for America! He brags about "he did not have to prepare." Well let me tell you his press conferences after sounded like he did not prepare! What a joke! I feel bad for Otto's parents as I certainly would not want my son's name associated with a photo op and that is all it was!