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  • golchie2

    Is that gal Katie even from SC? She has no southern accent. A Carpetbagger?

  • dancer92136

    Trump needs his daily ego boost and pat on the back. He is getting it today but taking credit for some primary wins. BTW he does have a lot of comments and tweets about the enlightening conversations he has with himself.

  • Not Fancy

    trump said sanford belongs in Argentina because of his extramarital affair, where does trump belong??

  • LastSecondTakedown

    If Trump keeps promoting all these women to join the workforce, who is going to be left to make our sandwiches?

  • Powderedtoastman

    A GOPer who admitted abusing his wife won a primary.

    Ladies and gentlemen, GOP values.

  • Star Patriotâ„¢

    Corey Stewart will defeat Tim Kaine in Virginia.

  • P bis

    The Media is giving Trump too much credit for Sanford's defeat. South Carolinians voted him in when he was a conniving two timer. South Carolina is a rural segregated state with a very low voter turnout. Most of the non-voters dont know and dont care. South Carolina, like so many red states, votes for the party, not the person. As for Trump, isnt calling Sanford an adulterer like the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Betty Bloop

    mark sanford spoke his own mind and was, basically, intelligent. i don't support his politics but the way that he reamed mulvaney over that first incompetent and irresponsible white house budget in committee hearings was pretty priceless.

  • Roger Mane


  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    Always interesting to watch Republicans turn on their own again...

  • 1stAD

    The Trump cult exists among a minority of white nationalist who have destroyed that once great party of Reagan. Democrats will take the House in November but may not achieve the Senate.

  • Dicazi

    Wait. South Carolina elected Sanford to Congress AFTER he left the country as governor without telling anyone where he was going??
    Forget the adultery. He abandoned his post!