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  • Robin Shuman

    The "Lyin King" wins this one, because it takes on to know one (low IQ). Of course, the Faker 'n Thief could still have the lower IQ.

  • Teritao

    Someone asked, "How can a sports team be insulted?" The same way all of us are insulted by this president. Teams are made of people. We are all insulted by a president who will not take a stand for those in real need. We are insulted by him doing everything he can to make big bucks off of the taxpayers. We are insulted that he is so corrupt. I admire Steph Curry and Steve Kerr for their intelligence and willingness to articulate what so many of us think is wrong with this administration. Our congressional representatives are so spineless and are fearful that their own cushy lives will be disrupted if they take a stand against the Trump Regime that they hide in their rabbit holes rather than speak truth to power. Sports teams are made of people. Let them speak.

  • jimewins

    Yes, DeNero is a good poster boy for the entertainment industry....the make believe people...nothing is real...not even the applause. Oh gee, look at me...

  • John Springer

    I dislike actors who take themselves so seriously they think I care to watch them share their political. Although in past, I considered De Niro and Streep good actors, I won't be watching anything they act in anymore. De Niro I already gave up on , his recent flops and trash like Dirty Grandpa are silly.

  • bloggette

    Trumps definition of a low I.Q. individual is anyone who disagrees with him. Trump is not the sharpest knife in the drawer as evidenced by his lack of command of the English language and adolescent behavior. Mensa material he is not.

  • Rob

    full marks goes to the first reporter who asks him on live TV what "I.Q." stands for

  • Teritao

    Trump insults our allies, insults great basketball teams, insults really anyone who stands up to his bullying. Like most of us, DeNiro is tired of this president who only wants all of the wealth he and his family can obtain. We all need to stand up and shout, "NO MORE!"

  • Top shelf

    There are no limits to Trump's stupidity.

  • pugwis

    I'm a Democrat from a Chicago Machine family of Dems going back to Anton Cermak. My relatives have been Aldermen and Ward Heelers in the 1st and 5th Wards since 1931. Born on Gresham Avenue and still go to the same church I went to as a kid. We may be Dems, but we aren't sheep. We volunteer for military service, want illegals out of the country, send our kids to Catholic schools and raise them to respect their teachers. We spank them when needed and support them when warranted. All that said, nobody I know voted for Hillary and everybody thinks De Niro is a clown. Just because we are Dems doesn't mean we don't appreciate low unemployment, lower taxes, safety from N. Korea nukes, and other benefits Trump's produced. He is our President. He represents America. Calling him names just reflects back on De NIro. I never thought he was as stupid as he apparently is. Too bad. I enjoyed his movies. He became too caught up in the roles he played and believes he really is a low-life gangster.

  • duckkdownn

    Hey Trump. Why don't you challenge DeNiro to an "IQ contest" live on TV. It could even be on Fox and you wouldn't even have to bring your own cheerleaders.

  • Clayton Delaney

    Poor little donny got his feelings hurt.

  • Buddy G

    Actors should remember just that. They are actors. They should stay out of politics as most of them are dumb as a brick and are really weird people with weird idealism. Being able to memorize and repeat lines does not make one smart. A monkey can be taught to do the same.

  • fluffy

    DeNiro is a bum! Trump is Great!

  • Dukedaddy

    Trump must be a Mandarin Orange.....he have a very thin skin.

  • Dean of the Electoral College

    The state of American discourse...

  • Baa

    "De Niro's IQ is smaller than my hands" - DT Sanders to clarify at a later date.

  • adamrussell

    "Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart"

  • NonIllegitimusCarborundum

    Get in line DeNiro

  • Dave Park

    And De Niro is impacted by Trump how?

  • Joel Croft

    deniro earned what he received.

  • Jake the real Jake

    Moron & Chief Liar Trump with a room temp IQ has no class.

  • BurmeseDude

    ...says the stable genius who cannot discern HIV and HPV, to which Bill Gates had to explain it's not the same -- twice.

  • Grampa S

    I do wish the president was a little less insecure and could let these things go. It's frankly undignified and beneath the office.

  • Southern CT

    That is unfair. Memorizing scripts is very demanding.

  • B-K KnightRider

    ROFL The ironic way a very insecure Trump is constantly projecting with his childish, bullying, insults is hilarious.

  • THEFred

    First of all, if De Niro was a very low IQ individual, he’d be a Trump fan.

    Second, Trump calling someone else low IQ is the epitome of irony. The man speaks at a remedial third grade level.

    Third, it’s “too,” not “to.”

    Fourth, Trump is apparently too low IQ to understand the difference between movies and real life.

    Fifth, how long is Trump going to keep taking credit for the results of Obama’s several years of economic improvement, which Trump said were “fake” before he took office? Republicans just love to judge Presidents by conditions early in their first terms!

    Sixth, Jobs are still being exported to other countries, including by Trump’s own companies and those of his family.

    Seventh, “Wake up” is a funny thing for Trump to say right after he’s just blown two summits as badly as they could have been blown!

  • GovGuns

    You have to be kidding! When are the dems going to get over it! President Trump is kicking tail and taking names. Could you imagine if a Republican would have said that sort of thing about Obama? Everyone would be talking about racism right now. But some washed up actor, that honestly, advice and personal opinion means nothing has to get his point across by using the F-word addressing the Commander and Chief of the United States. Again if this would have happened to Obama all hell would have broke loose. Boo Hoo!

  • catmom

    Hilarious trump talking about someone having a low IQ! This coming from a man occupying an office that he doesn't understand and knows nothing about. All trump has is petty childish insults, name calling , bragging and taking credit for things he has nothing to do with.

  • Kirby

    I would actually bet on the difference in IQs between De Niro and Trump, and I'm not a gambling man. I I'd probably do a 20 point spread in De Niro's favor, just to play it safe.

  • sadie220

    said the guy who spells too many as TO many

  • Renate

    Nothing like two New Yorkers going at it.

  • Pologize3

    Poor Donald. He just doesn't know how to ignore people and take the high road.

  • dancer92136

    Trump is no better, and he is the president. Trump sounds like a 10 year old. DeNiro is no saint, but if I was a betting person I know who I would bet has the higher IQ

  • Robert Holt

    President Trump isn't helping himself by responding to Robert De Niro's childish behavior with childish behavior. President Trump has the opportunity to exhibit grace, maturity and poise simply by not responding but he keeps blowing it.

  • cephalo

    Honestly, who do you think is more intelligent? De Niro or Trump. To me the question is laughable.

  • Rudi Stein

    His come backs are lame. It's the equivalent of a little kid saying, "oh yeah? well...well, you're a stupId face. So there". C'mon, man, try harder.

  • Enough Already

    Trump constantly insults and name calls people, but whenever someone else does it to him, I see people on these boards saying it was just wrong of both of them

    Look at the track record, Trump insults somebody every day!

    Deniro is saying what everybody should be saying to Trump right now!

  • Jen Bordon

    The last thing President Dopey should be bringing up is IQ.
    It just reminds America that his hovers around 55.

  • Weather3014

    They both look childish.

  • aarfc

    Let's have a Sing-Off! The winner is whoever can sing the first stanza of the Star Spangled Banner. The song America will be a tie breaker if needed.

  • joe schlag

    Is it DeNiro who doesn't read, has never read, can't spell simple words and can't even remember how to spell his wife's name from one minute to the next?

  • rob522

    DeNiro only said what a majority of Americans are thinking.

  • whitepine

    De Niro can read a script and remember his lines, can Trump?

  • mountainlady

    How on earth can Trump identify anyone of low IQ? Trump is so stupid that it's very much the pot calling the kettle.

  • WRW

    Sick of it all. Deniro sounds just like Trump. Great achievement. What ever happened to civility and discussion in America? Just act like jerks.

  • Toshi Hitsugaya

    Anyone else curious if Trump knows what IQ stands for?