COLUMN: Little long-term thinking in what Trump says and does


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  • fmd160

    Great opinion column. Hits the nail right on the head. Couldn't be made any more clear.

  • CatMom


  • Truthfully

    Long-term Thinking??
    Trump doesn't Think.
    Really GLAD to hear Ivanka and Jared are doing so well in the White House. 82 Million they made last year??? Great TAX CUTS!? for the TOP 1%. I already lost my tax cut with the increase in gas!!!

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    So spanky castigates our allies and friends and praises our enemies. Isn't this what a traitor does?

  • JuPMod

    Big duh. It is easy to lose focus on the bigger picture when people are distracted by seeing only what is front of them

  • mikevietvet68/69

    it would only be right that one dictator praises another dictator while the gang lines their pockets and the powers that be don't utter a single word,even flakey,gowdy dowdy and corker who does not have to worry where his next meal is coming from.hypocrites all..


    Matthew Dowd is simply another Trump basher who explains the President's success with North Korea by attacking it. He isn't worth listening to and his opinions are pretty useless.

  • Debra

    So, it was a "historic" meeting, with lots of publicity and photo ops. The world's most brutal dictator, with a horrible human rights record, now feels "honored" by the US President, gained legitimacy and accolades, had his trip paid for by Singapore, and looks normalized now in the world's eyes. Win for Kim.
    We gave up drills in SK, without even telling SK! We got a "promise" from Kim, with nothing else and no guarantee (something other US leaders also attained before NK reneged). Trump gained praise, attention, flattery, and more massaging of his huge ego.
    Not sure this is any better than the Iran deal that Trump hates, or the improved relationship with Cuba that Trump also criticized Obama for. SMH.

  • bibleexpert

    Celebrated the hated dictator of North Korea, who has brutalized his own people, complimenting him effusively

    Crocodile tears, Matthew, in view of the numerous brutal dictators the U.S. has supported and effused over - and is currently doing in the Middle East.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Never posted this before, but "duh".

  • Alex Ross

    Nobody with THAT amount of NPDs can think strategically. SAD.