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  • Johnny Cash

    He is a terrible man for what he did to Kate Upton. My only concern with these cases is when the "crimes" happen, why are they not reported then? There must be much more than what this article is reporting for him to have to step down so abruptly and not fight in court. I think we are only getting what the media has agreed to report in many of these cases. They must be much worse than we know. Good luck to Ms. Upton!

  • Carrie

    There is nothing that benefits the victim in a case like this. Stay strong Kate! Her public expression of this demeaning situation must be difficult. Her courage will be recognized.
    ...Guess he can't hide behind his denim now!

  • Robulator

    Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

  • j penske

    Interesting how "Marciano" in Spanish means "Martian" in English.

  • Planet Earth

    another one bites the dust, see ya creeper

  • gs12

    I knew it...

  • LastSecondTakedown

    Guess is still in business? Sweet. I'm pegging my old guess jeans' pant leg right now.