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  • B A

    These persons are not "migrants" nor "immigrants." They are foreign nationals trying to enter a sovereign country without authorization.
    The real question is why the boats that pick them up in the Mediterranean take them to Europe instead of taking them back to Africa. As long as the rescue boats take them to Europe, they will keep coming in droves. It will only end when all Africans have successfully managed to get themselves into Europe. And then they will replicate the African chaos in Europe.

    Agree with Technophile's comment that Europe should stop this by invading and occupying the countries these persons are coming from, stabilize the countries, and repatriate the people back to their countries.

  • DeleteMeNot

    For over a decade the EU has scorned the USA over the southern border..... "do as we say, not as we do?"

  • Deva Vulcan

    Send every one of these immigrants back to their country. We don't need their problems. Sorry, we have enough of our own.

  • Femalefan

    Most of these "migrants" are able bodied men capable of fighting for their nation. They come into these countries and kill, rape, and rob. Countries have every right to keep them out.

  • Robulator

    How come France is not taking them?

  • Technophile

    I don’t think this was how Europe was expecting the migration crisis to play out. I would be afraid if the culture clashes as those migrant populations increase. It might be in the best interest of Europe to create a coalition to invade these countries people are fleeing from, set up stable proxy governments, and send the migrants back (at least the troublemakers).

  • Bertd

    Welcome to the cesspool formerly known as Europe. Like you couldn't see this all coming a long time ago.

  • Robert Earnest

    Europe is fixing to burst at the seams. Between the rich and the poor as well as "migration" the European states are at each others throats like hasn't been seen since the first world war, Prior to WW I it was mostly feuds twixt the royals but today its mano y mano. The little man is raising Cain today and its likely to start getting really ugly; like French Revolution ugly.

  • F D

    "We came, we saw, he died" were the infamous words of Clinton after she helped overthrow Gaddafi. Was it worth it? 40,000 dead from sectarian violence, a new stronghold for ISIS, and a refugee crisis that not only effects Africa but Europe as well.