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  • Hey Beavis


  • End of Life Ritual

    I don't understand how he could have thought he'd get away with this.

  • Birmingham Jail Cell

    The dishonest scumbag reminds me of President Bone-spurred Bonehead.
    He lies, he makes promises, he delivers nothing.

  • Eddie Lovecraft

    When this despicable, poor excuse for a human is sentenced, he deserves the maximum sentence on all counts and he should serve them consecutively.

  • poultrygeist

    Check this guy's dna. I bet bet there's some Donny in there.

  • Bill Snith

    I'm betting maybe, MAYBE, a year in jail and some fines and he'll come out the other end still rich

  • disqus_fn5s2QCDp8

    Frustrating. Most of us are too decent to steal, with the added irritation that we'd like to think that if we had stolen $26 million, we'd BE SMART ENOUGH TO GO AWAY. Was he just to cheap to pay the fees for an expedited passport?

  • Kirby

    It's like these people just can't stop. He's awaiting sentencing for one scam and he just can't not pull another. Manafort has done the same thing multiple times, except instead of scamming people he keeps colluding with Russians in defiance of court orders.

  • hold-the-phone

    Guys like this are the lowest of the low. They need to put him in a cell with "PharmaBro" and let them fight for our entertainment... One year off your sentence for a clean knockout.

  • JuPMod

    Fraudsters, like this guy, need to be lock up for a very long time. They rob people of their money, thus why should they get less time in jail than anyone else who robs? I say lock them up.

  • Indy

    There's never a shortage of greedy snake oil salesman / conmen just waiting for the next honest trusting soul to come around so that they can separate them from their money. Sure hope that this one receives a substantial amount of time behind bars since he definitely deserves it.