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  • Arc_Fault_One

    If I put my kids in a trailer and took them across the border I would get my kids taken away and probably do some jail time. Why in the world would we want people like that in our country?

  • whitepine

    Why are we not addressing the problems in Central and South America? We meddle in Middle East countries and talk to North Kores. Time to address the governments and gangs in the countries where all the immigrants are coming from.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    Stack e'm back in the trailer & turn it around, send them back now. Those who aren't Mexican were allowed to travel through Mexico with Mexico's blessings so long as they were headed here. Time for Mexico to take responsibility.

  • zayperformance

    F&@k it. just let them in and call them new americans

  • Mary Yancey Kelbell

    I'm sure there are lot's of ranchers in south & west Texas who would like the wall. They get tired of people being led across the river and then just abandoned to die in the desert. If they don't have lots & lots of water they won't make it out of the desert. Then hassle the ranchers for water, food, etc. A wall is going to have to be built north of the Rio Grande, you can't build one down the middle of it where the border really is. (There are some charitable agencies that give out water to the illegal aliens, but DHS has being stopping them) Why don't we just issue a limited green card, renewable yearly, and let the people in who want to work? But be sure employers are paying minimum wage or min farm wages. It's employers who hire these illegal aliens that are causing them to try to cross. If they couldn't find jobs here they wouldn't try

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Yeah, a wall should do the trick. s/

  • Joshua

    Does Nafta cover exporting illegals? Do they charge duties by pound?

  • Trop x

    So tow the trailer back across the border and be done with it.

  • TexasVulcan

    And this is how many illegals get into the country. The wall is not going to stop these smugglers. How about searching each and every vehicle crossing the border? We need more border agents to do that. That would be a better use of the "wall money".

  • GarfieldRocks

    What company provided the trailer??????????