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  • verygoodperson

    Most Trump's supporters are experiencing an irrational fear of people who are unlike themselves (Muslims, Mexicans, blacks, immigrants, etc.) as well as they are experiencing an irrational believe that Trump would help them to get rid of said unlike people (Trump is a self-serving man, he wouldn't help anyone). Both this thoughts are totally delusional! In the 1930s and 40s the same way delusional Germans supported Adolf Hitler! I sincerely recommend most Trump supporters to seek psychiatric help before it is too late for themselves and for the country!

  • BD70

    Why doesn't Trump just pay for the wall out of pocket? He certainly made enough money off the tax payers so he definitely can afford it. He could even have the wall spell out his name....over and over and over again....

  • BLW51

    The only thing that matters to Trump is the $25+ billion for his yuge and spectacular wall. Of course throwing red meat to he supporters is also important.

  • pam95650

    He was all for the bi-partisan bill too until his freaks in the WH told him no.

  • Ptah

    You know if Trump and Ryan are conspiring on it, this Bill will be worthless. they just want to make sure nothing reasonable or Humane gets voted on. It enrages their base to treat immigrants as human beings.

  • Ptah

    If Ryan and Trump are conspiring on it you know this Bill will be worthless. He just want to make sure no one votes for anything reasonable or humane


    Kidnapping kids away from their parents sure is good conservative Christian family values.

  • Dan Farrar

    So, are they going to have to pass the bill before we see what's in it? Any bill that doesn't include a mandatory E-verify component will be a sellout.

  • Prophet With Honor

    WH signal = False flag.

  • hound

    This is just a scam to get Trump his $30M for his wall, wrapped in a cover of DACA!

  • pfon71361

    The present treatment of Mexican and Central American migrant families isn't a particularly shining example of American generosity toward people seeking relief from abject poverty and criminal depredation in their home countries. Immigration reform has been languishing for years in Congress and is still not given the critical importance it deserves. This inexcusable legislative inaction combined with draconian administration policies with regard to securing the southern border have brought international displeasure and opprobrium to our nation. Last week the United Nations called the current plight of migrant families, separating children from parents, at the Mexican-US border illegal. The Statue of Liberty holds a torch to light the way not to keep the downtrodden at bay.

  • Alex Ross

    Are you sure they didn't work with Trump hand-on-magazine?