Republicans propose reallocating Coast Guard ship funding to Trump's border wall


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  • paul_I

    If Trump promised us the Mexicans will pay for the wall, and if the Coast Guard now is going to pay for the wall, does than mean the Republicans think the members of the Coast Guard are Mexican?

  • cephalo

    Let's take funding from something that might be useful, to something that is useless.

  • supersenior

    It will be amusing to see that building the wall makes very little real difference when it comes to illegal immigration.

  • WorkingClass

    How about they reallocate funds from Trump's golf trips? That would pay for many miles of the wall. Why does Trump care more about golfing than the security of the people?

  • chris3dog

    Even more popular among Republicans is using Social Security funds to build the Wall!

  • thinkmore

    Stall the useless wall. Trump won't be around long.

  • hold-the-phone

    Strip funding from badly needed icebreakers? No problem; in case we ever need one for arctic rescue, etc., we can depend on Russia for that just like we depend on their rockets to get our astronauts into space... /s SAD!

  • Citizen123

    Is the GOP really that desperate? Pathetic!!!

  • Truthful Opinion

    $700 million? That will build a 1000 foot section.

  • Forward forward

    Is this a Mexican Coast Guard boat they want to cancel? Mexico IS paying for the wall, aren't they? Trump and his inbred followers told me that dozens of times.

  • quasi_anyon

    The spending is out of control. Treasury has to do an emergeny sell of notes, $173 billion so the US doesn't default this quarter. CBO shows even more serious issue, the tax cuts resulting in much lower income than expected.

    Little Donny John and Pãan Pence are the worst of humanity and they have no idea what they are doing.

    Destroy the Republicans at the polls, take back our country and eliminate the kakistocracy.

  • Rick Beacham

    What in the world did the video on this page have to do with the headline posted on the link as well as the top of this page....

  • John Barron

    Perhaps Republicans just realize the arctic is warming and we will have no need for icebreakers.

    Perhaps we should allot funding for tropical cruise ships.

  • Alex

    Why is this even an issue, according to the wannabe dictator Mexico is paying for the wall. So show us the receipt of that transaction so we can see Mexico gave us the funding for the wall and then we can talk about approving the wall.

  • MtnGirl

    Really? Trump and the Republicans are willing to sell OUR Coast Guard for a wall? This is the stupidest thing the Hill has thought of yet. White House are you keeping your twitter-in-chief briefed on world affairs?

  • Clyde Delgato

    Listen Trump supporters. Breaking Arctic ice is our wall to the North to keep millions of illegal asians from crossing the ice and getting into Alaska where they can walk South to our very own white neighborhoods. These are not the pretty white skinned Asians that are good at math. These are almost as dark as Mexicans and they already crossed once which is where all these Red Skinned Indians came from. You know, the original illegal immigrants. The Coast Guard also protects us in the gulf where they might try to swim past our anti Mexican wall. Sure we have to have a wall to stop the brown skinned hoard but the Coast Guard is part of that. Don't defund the Coast Guard. Tell your Congressman that the Coast Guard needs ice breakers to keep these people out of our country since swimming miles in frozen water may stop them.

    Gotta speak their language.

  • Nearl45 61

    Pretty soon our safety net money will be proposed for the border wall.

    Food stamp appropriations next?

  • ruelph

    Ridiculous! The nation doesn’t need the border wall, but it needs the Coast Guard ships.

  • MtnGirl

    I thought Trump campaigned on Mexico paying for the wall? Now he wants to sell out America's defense? Sorry, anyone who still supports this traitor is off their rocker!

  • yetanother1

    A dart board for govt. funding would work better and smarter than these clowns.

  • jake

    No funding for our Coast Guard to protect our borders? Sounds like the GOP is the party in favor of "open borders" not the Dems as they claim.

  • Cagey-B

    Polar icebreakers: proven technology.
    Border wall: never, ever going to happen ( wouldn't work and would be an environmental disaster even if it was built, which it won't be ).
    So of course put all your eggs in the border wall basket.
    Welcome to Bizarro World.

  • Impetus

    If anybody needs me I'll just be over here banging my head against my desk.

  • Krimson

    Still trying to figure out what a coast guard icebreaker ship has to do with Mexico paying for the wall???

  • lou g

    These idiot GOP Trump supporters in Congress need to realize spending money meant for our military diverted to the Great Wall of Trump is absolutely wasteful and ridiculous. They are hoping Trump's base will vote for them in November. They don't care for the country and it's citizens as a whole, they just care about their party.

  • mollydtt

    I’m pretty sure that the border wall won’t perform as expected, but Trump will just blame that on the democrats.

  • GarfieldRocks

    How many people would miss that stupid parade??????????

  • mollydtt

    If there is one thing the GOP is “good at”, it is “appeasing the president”.
    He’ll get that idiotic wall.

  • Forward forward

    If the Coast Guard ship is 'extra' put the money back in the treasury. If it is needed, build it. Trump and his dimwitted followers told us dozens of times that Mexico was paying for the wall. Follow through on that.

  • gs12

    Morons and their wall. It won't work.

  • Tov Bender

    Give us the damn $$ for the wall and get your DACA and the new icebreaker.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Let me get this straight. Republicans want to defund the Coast Guard, which keeps illegal drugs from coming in and patrols our coasts against invasion, so they can build a wall that will encourage people to go over it, under it, or sail around it (using our coast to sneak in)??????

    That borders on the ridiculous!

  • GarfieldRocks

    There is a certain parade that we could do without. A $30 million parade.

  • SpankyHamm

    Trump Supporters: Build That Wall

    Me: OK - how about you pay for it directly. Volunteer to have 5% taken from your paycheck which will go into the BTW fund. If you want it - you pay for it?

    Trump Supporters: Wait, what?

  • Jen Bordon

    Every day the corrupt Republicans demonstrate exactly why they most be voted out of office.

  • odddave

    Walls not only keep people out, they will keep us in.

  • PerchLady

    Hello, GOP? Remember that your Dear Leader said Mexico would pay for the wall. Stop taking money from other appropriations to pay for a wall...unless you dock Trump's personal travel budget. Come Sunday, he will have spent 6 months out of the last 19 months at one of his golf resorts. That's over $100 million for pleasure, aircraft costs and staff per diems. How many sections of wall could have been built for that?

  • Eric Janssen

    Okay, Trump: You can make your Wall-Eyes happy by giving them what you got applause for promising them out of your generous hands, or, you can make our gallant Coast Guard happy by giving them what you got applause for promising them out of your generous hands....but you CAN'T. HAVE. BOTH. . Time to choose.

    Like you said....being President is HARD, isn't it? :)